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Institute Of Neuro Sciences

Neuroscience at KIMS is a truly collaborative effort, where shared passion supercedes departmental and discipline boundaries. Here, the combined knowledge and expertise of many is brought to bear on difficult problems, leading to powerful exchanges and unexpected solutions. The KIMS Institute of Neurosciences is a comprehensive care and research center for children and adults with neurological disorders. We treat brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve disorders. Over 12 neurologists and neurosurgeons and many more specialists are members of the Neurological Institute.

Equipped with the most advanced neuro-imaging and monitoring technology available in the world, the Neurological Institute is a hub of medical innovation. The specialists at the Neurological Institute are organized into overlapping programs based on their areas of expertise and research interests.

We have subspecialty centers that offer specialized care for patients with a range of neurologic diseases including Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy and brain tumours.



Members of the Department of Neurosciences encompass all disciplines within the field of neurology providing a level of expertise unsurpassed in this region of the country, treating over 50000 patients annually.


The Alzheimer's Treatment Center at KIMS is a collaborative partnership between the departments ...

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KIMS physicians have been leading the way in assessment and treatment of patients with epilepsy. The....

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Interventional neuroradiology is a relatively new specialty in which radiologists...

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The Interventional Neurology Division works in collaboration with the Department...

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KIMS Movement Disorders Center provides comprehensive, compassionate...

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KIMS seeks to provide an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan to help patients...

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The Neurosciences Critical Care Unit (NCCU) at KIMS is a multidisciplinary, tertiary, referral-based intensive...    

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Neurorehabilitation is a speciality  of neurosciences, which deals with the study and application...

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KIMS Department of Neurology provides one of the most comprehensive care of neurologic illnesses in....

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The neurophysiological monitoring capabilities available at the Clinical Neurophysiology...

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KIMS Department of Neurosurgery offer a depth and breadth of surgical experience that few...

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The Neurosciences Center at KIMS offers treatment and services for a wide range ...

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Parkinsons disease, which typically hits people past the age of 65, gradually strips away motor abilities,...

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The KIMS Radio surgery Center has provided team-oriented patient-focused treatment for patients with....

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The KIMS Sleep Disorders Center is a multidisciplinary specialty group dedicated to providing state of the....

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The KIMS Neurosurgical Spine Center offers comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatments for the....

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Spine specialists at KIMS utilize a wide variety of medical and surgical treatments ...

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The KIMS Stroke Center, one of the first comprehensive multidisciplinary centers of its kind, was...  

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