The Institute of Cardiac Sciences at KIMS is proud to be one of the nation's foremost cardiac care centres and one of the top ten cardiac hospitals in Hyderabad. A renowned pioneer in the field of minimally invasive bypass surgery and angioplasties, the Institute of Cardiac Sciences has elevated the standard of cardiac care across the nation. With an uncompromising team of distinguished cardiac specialists, best cardiac surgeons in Secunderabad as well as Hyderabad and dedicated healthcare professionals, the Institute of Cardiac Sciences has proudly changed the lives of so many heart patients and advanced the field of cardiac surgery as a whole.

We provide a full range of cutting-edge techniques and procedures across an array of cardiac services. Patients turn to the Institute of Cardiac Sciences for the most pioneering cardiac diagnostics, treatment, post-surgical outpatient care and cardiac prevention programs. Among the many procedures performed at the Institute of Cardiac Sciences, the most significant are ground-breaking minimally invasive coronary bypass operations, heart valve repair/replacements, angioplasties, cardiac catheterizations, as well as implantation of cardiac assist devices. We can comfortably claim to be one of the best cardiac centres in India.



Since opening, the Institute of Cardiac Sciences has earned a reputation for excellence in open-heart surgery and treatment of cardiovascular disease. We have performed:

  • 25000 Cardiothoracic Surgeries
  • 20000 Angioplasties
  • 40000 Angiograms
  • 15 ECMO

We provide a complete continuum of care for cardiac patients. We are committed to improving the health of our community by delivering compassionate innovative care through exceptional people doing extraordinary works. The experiences of our patients and their families, and their regard for the care they receive, are at the heart of how we measure our success. High-quality patient care is our focus and requires a commitment to attracting and retaining the best physicians, nurses and staff and to maintaining facilities that offer advanced technology as well as innovative treatment. The recognition we receive from national organizations is a reminder of our achievements in outstanding care.


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