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Medical Education

  • August 2007 to October 2009 Diplomate National Board (DNB) Anaesthesiology  Institute Kamineni Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh. India
  • April 2005 to May 2007  Diploma in Anaesthesiology (DA)  University Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka, India
  • December 1996 to December 2002 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) University Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India


Clinical Experience & Posts held

  • 01/09/2010 - till date Specialist Registrar, Dept. of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care.
  • 01/07/2010 - 30/08/2010 Duty Doctor
  • 01/06/2009 - 30/06/2010 Specialist registrar in anaesthesiology
  • 01/07/2007 - 31/06/2009 Senior Resident, Dept. of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care
  • 01/04/2005 - 31/05/2007 Junior Resident, Dept. of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care
  • 01/01/2004 - 30/03/2005 Duty medical officer
  • 01/01/2003 - 31/12/2003 Duty medical officer
  • 01/01/2001 - 31/12/2002 Compulsory Rotatory Internship (Junior House Officer)


  • Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer, Hospital and Research institute, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, INDIA
  • Old age home Republic of Maldives, Maldives.
  • Kamineni Hospital, LB Nagar, Hyderabad, INDIA
  • Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore(D), Karnataka,india. Vivek hospital ,Hyderabad.india
  • Apollo –DRDO hospital, Hyderabad.india.
  • Government General Hospital & Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, INDIA

Nature of Work

Experience as a Duty Doctor:(Jan 2003 to Mar 2005)

My duties included:

  • Taking patient history.
  • Writing the case records.
  • Attending to the rounds.
  • Night duties on rotation.
  • Clerking the discharge summaries.

Experience as a Junior Resident: (April 2005 to May 2007)

I began my career in Anaesthesia as a post graduate trainee (Diploma Anaesthesia) in Kasturba medical college, affliated to the Manipal academy of higher education which is one of the leading universities of India.

The Department of Anaesthesiology and intensive care had total of 45 faculty members and 60 post graduate trainees

The post graduates trainees were posted in four different hospitals

  • University Medical centre (UMC)- 6 operation theatres and a septic operation theatre, 300 bedded hospital and casualty
  • The Attavar General hospital 6 operation theatre and a septic cases theatre. The hospital had pain and palliative department.
  • The Wenlock Government General hospital 8 operation theatres and casualty
  • The Lady Goshan Maternity Hospital Dedicated 4 operation theatre complex

During this period, I worked in the following fields of Anaesthesia both elective and emergency:

Surgical Specialities: General Surgery including Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedics including Hip & Knee replacement, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT including Bronchoscopy and Ophthalmology.

Super Specialities: Neurosurgery including Laser & stereotatic techniques, Urology, Plastic Surgery including Micro-vascular Surgery, Oncology & Paediatric Surgery

Outdoor Anaesthesia Practice: Anaesthesia for CT scan, MRI, ECT, Endoscopy, ESWL, Audiology, Labour Analgesia and Cardiac Catheterization and Pre-anaesthetic check up (PAC) clinic.

Intensive Care: Three months rotation in Multi Speciality ICU (10 beds) with extensive knowledge of ventilatory management, invasive monitoring and resuscitative techniques, including Neonatal Care.

Teaching Activity: I was actively involved in teaching medical students, junior residents and paramedics. It was an integral part of this job which included bed side teaching, case presentations and other lectures.

Academic activity: There was an active ongoing faculty led teaching programme at this institute. I participated in this programme, which included case presentations, journal clubs, seminar presentations and lectures by visiting faculty. During this period I attended meetings of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. I was also actively involved in research work and audits.

Experience as a Senior Resident: (August 2007 to July 2009)

I did my further training in Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care (DNB) at Kamineni Hospital. It is a 650 bedded tertiary level super speciality referral teaching hospital. It has 11 operating rooms and 24 beds in Intensive Care, a sophisticated unit with all facilities. During this tenure I was given a lot of responsibility in patient management. I was given a fair amount of independence in both elective and emergency theatres with ready access to a Consultant. I gained good experience in trauma, vascular and transplant surgery. This experience gave me the confidence of managing the cases independently in Obstetric, General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology and Super specialitysurgeries including Paediatric and Neurosurgery. As this hospital had a busy transplant unit, I gained a goodexperience in both renal and liver transplant. I also learned the management of ICU patients, with a sound knowledge of the principles and modes of ventilation and the placement of all invasive monitoring.

Anaesthesia outside the operation theater :

I was also involved in providing anaesthesia and sedation services to specialised endoscopy, cath, EP studies and also to Radiology for CT and MRI scans. I was also involved in Labour epidural analgesia services.

Teaching Activity: Teaching junior residents and paramedics was a part of this job. This was by way of imparting hands on practical skills, bedside teaching and formal lectures. I also actively took part in BLS/ACLS/PALS training to other medical and paramedical staff of the hospital.

Academic activity: There was an active ongoing faculty led teaching programme at this institute. On all work days we had an academic session from 8-9 AM. I participated actively in these programmes, which included case presentations, journal clubs, mortality/morbidity meets, seminar presentations and lectures by visiting faculty. During this period I attended meetings of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and made presentations. I was also actively involved in research work and audits. Submission of thesis was essential for the completion of DNB programme. My thesis was titled ‘intrathecal anaesthesia for elderly patients undergoing short transurethral procedures: a dose finding study’.

Experience as a Specialist Registrar: (july 2009 till june 2010)

I worked in the republic of Maldives in the ministry of public health as specialist registrar of anaesthesiology. i was posted in one of the biggest regional hospitals of Maldives. I was the only anaesthesiologist for a population of 50000 population. The patient base included emergency lower segment cesaerean sections,trauma cases , orthopaedic cases . I was also icu incharge which comprised of 4 icu beds, fully equipped with mechanical ventilators.icu cases included of drowning cases ,trauma , assault cases.

Administrative experience: I was doctors-in charge for a period of five months .the post included preparing the duty schedule of all the consultants,arranging the health camps to other nearby islands and health centres, co-ordinating with the hospital administration and attending to the grievences of the doctors.alongwith the above duties. I was involved with the training of the local nursing staff in operation theatre and icu.

Experience as a Specialist Registrar: (September 2010 till date)

Presently a Specialist Registrar in Anaesthesia and Critical Care with Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital and Research institute which is one of the major cancer centre of south india and a charitable trust hospital. The Hospital is tertiary care centre and one of its kind. The hospital is 500 bedded speciality centre catering to 100000 patients. The hospital is one of the premier centres catering to the specialty of cancer. Since it is a charitable trust hospital, Caters to the common people of my country .The hospital is tertiary the referral centre for Oncology in the state of Andhrapradesh. The hospital has of 8 operation theatre with four operation theatres fully equipped laparoscopic theatres. Majority of the cases are laparoscopic cases. The surgical faculty is one of the best in the country. The cases done in this hospital are – thoracoscopic two stage esophagectomies, radical gastrectomies, gyneco-onco surgeries, laser ablation of laryngeal tumours, head and neck carcinoma surgeries-radical neck dissections with flap reconstructions, breast reconstruction surgeries etc.


The SICU and HDU is fully equipped 18 bedded unit. All the postoperative cases are shifted in the SICU and are stepped down to HDU over a period of two to three days . I am posted by rotation in the SICU and HDU, im responsible for the postoperative care of the patients. Along with this, the responsibility of central line placements, Lumbar puncture and intrathecal chemotherapeutic agent administration.

Anaethesia outside the operation theatre:

We provide MAC and sedation for cases in the department of gastroenterology – ERCP, esophageal dilatations,
For peadiatric radiation ,PET-CT scans, MRIs .

Teaching activity: we have weekly one departmental journal club ,one weekly class in the auditorium including all the departments.we conducted FAST programme for the benefit of the postgraduates.we also conduct classes for the nursing staff especially the sicu nursing staff to keep them abreast of recent updates.


IT Skills / Other Interest

Proficiency in using the utility software like the Windows applications including use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. Fair bit of knowledge about computer hardware. Also skilled in Internet use.

I keep updating my knowledge by reading journals anesthesiology, British journal of anaesthesia,  The new England journal of medicine (NEJM) Online anesthesia of journal, The Indian journal of anesthesia, crticare journal.

My hobbies include pencil sketching and doing water color paintings.

Aim / Objectives & Career Plans

I intend to get involved in best hospitals and do my best to progress in the field of Anaesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine, Critical Care, Pain and Resuscitation. My particular interest is regional anaesthesia as I see a huge potential of growth in this sub speciality.i am working in cancer hospital and I see a great deal of potential in the use of regional anaethesia techniques in the relieving of pain in these patients, I am looking forward to working in hospitals that offer the best experience and scope for further development of my career and gain enough experience.i wish to return back to my country after gaining the experience as the amount of patients who require the expertise is immense . I would also like to take some research work and help improve the standard of medical care. This opportunity will also give me a chance to travel and explore new cultures and places and learn from the experiences.

Conferences and CMEs:

  • Presented two papers South Zone Conference of Anaesthesia in Pondicherry 2007
    • Prophylactic oral ephedrine in elderly patients undergoing urological procedures under spinal anaesthesia
    • Patient with dextrocardia coming for elective cesarean section.
    • Reached finals of the quiz of the conference stood third.
  • Attended ISACON- annual national conference of Indian society of aneasthesiologists.26-29 dec 2006.
  • Attended CMEs( ramachandra anaesthesia continuing education-RACE)
    • RACE2006.
    • RACE2009.
  • Attended CME and workshop of INDO-US in paediatric aneatshesia,pain and medical update 27-29 nov;2006
  • Attended the szisacon 2010,south zone anaesthesia conference 24-26 september.
  • Attended the national conference of anaesthesia in dec 2010 lucknow, india.
  • Attended the transesophageal echocardiography workshop.
  • PALS,BLA and ACLS certified.
  • Completed the FATE(focussed assessment of transthoracic echocardiography) course 2013.



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