KIMS Secunderabad is a 750-bed multi-super speciality hospital that is strategically located on a sprawling 5-acre campus in heart of the city, having easy accessibility from all major landmarks and as well from all public transport junctions. Our hospital has emerged as a leading multi-super- speciality hospital in a short span of time by virtue of its progressive management and dedicated team of competent medical professionals who are working closely in association with each other in a clinically sound and technologically advanced environment toward excellence in patient care.

KIMS Secunderabad is glad to announce its accreditation by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for providing the best services in patient care comparable to any international hospital of repute. NABH AND NABL are agencies that search for gold standards in hospital management and patient services.

We have continuously enhanced our facility and services to offer the latest treatments and technologies, earning us recognition for many "firsts" in patient care.



KIMS Accident & Emergency Medical Services Department provides 24-hour service for trauma and non-trauma...

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The Alzheimer's Treatment Center at KIMS is a collaborative partnership between the departments ...

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At KIMS, our Andrology and Infertility specialists have years of experience in treating male fertility issues...

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At KIMS, Department of Anesthesiology, our mission is to excel in all aspects of Anesthesia Pain Management....

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Arthroscopy is a procedure to look inside a joint by using an arthroscope. An arthroscope is like a thin telescope...

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Obese people often suffer serious health problems and have higher rates of heart attacks...

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Our all-inclusive specialty Bone and Joint Center features a comprehensive team of physicians...

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The Bone Marrow TransplantationService at KIMS is dedicated to providing exceptional...

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Women experience changes in their breast based on factors such as age, hormone levels...

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Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells...

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KIMS Secunderabad

1-8-31/1, Minister Rd, Krishna Nagar Colony,
Secunderabad - 500003
Telangana, India.

T : +91-40-4488 5000 / +91-40-4488 5184
F : +91-40-27840980
E: assistance@kimshospitals.com
W: www.kimshospitals.com/secunderabad/


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