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Friday, November 8, 2019

What is Robotic surgery and how is it done?

To know the benefits of robotic surgery, we need to know what exactly robotic surgery is. Technology has become a big boon to the healthcare industry and robotic surgery is a very great advancement and achievement in the field of surgical medicine.

To be very precise robotic surgery is a modified advancement of minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery in which only small incisions are preferred. Robots used for surgery are self-powered devices which are controlled by the computer program to assist and help the surgeon in performing complex, critical or normal surgeries. Since, they help the surgeon in maneuvering the surgical equipment, and guide him precisely to the surgical target; they are most sought after in many complex surgeries all over the world. The surgeon has the advantage of performing the surgery with utmost precision, accuracy and flexibility. The Robot has “hands” which are controlled by the surgeon himself which can get into tiny spaces in the body where human hands will not be able to.

The Procedure and process:

Many Hospitals usually adopt the da Vinci surgical platform.

The surgeon operates from a computer console and controls the mini sized equipments which are pre-fit to the robots arms. The surgeon uses this to make small incisions in the targeted area.

One of the robot’s hands is also fixed with a camera which provides three-dimensional views. The camera pops up visuals and magnifies the surgical area.

The surgeon’s hand finger, hand and wrist movements are transmitted to the robot through the console, and the robots hands make a touch- down to the spot where the surgeon wants.

The robotic instruments cannot operate by themselves, and they need the surgeon to do all the ground work, there is a team of surgeons besides the patient monitoring carefully the robots movements.

It is a fool-proof method and the outcomes have been very positive.

Benefits of Robotic surgery:

Robotic surgery as we have seen is a great asset to any healthcare professional and the health care industry by itself.

  • The Patients derive the following benefits:
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure with scars that are not big and long
  • The patient experiences less pain and less discomfort
  • The Incision being small, the blood loss during the surgery will be very little
  • The patient will not require blood transfusion as the blood loss is negligible
  • Precision and accuracy eliminate further problems of re-operation or surgery.
  • The stay time in the hospital will be less and the patient can return to his routine activities quickly.
  • The risk of post-surgical infections is minimized.

The Surgeon has the following benefits:

  • The surgeon has better view of the target surgical area
  • Can precisely locate a tumor, and remove that portion only
  • Is more comfortable and at ease while performing the surgery
  • Can operate with flexibility and dexterity.

Robotic Surgery at KIMS:

KIMS is a pioneer in adapting the new robotic technologies. KIMS is the only hospital in Hyderabad to have utilized and integrated robotic surgery methodology in almost all modules of treatment. Our doctors are the leading doctors in Hyderabad and have extensive experience in their field. Most of the Best doctors at KIMS have received the necessary training and experience in robotic surgeries. At , we know and understand the importance of critical care and we have successfully integrated robotic surgery equipment within our emergency trauma and critical care units, to save many more lives. KIMS is the first hospital in AP & Telangana to receive an award for green operation theater. We have the latest systems and equipment in robotic technologies to serve our patients with commitment. We are the first hospital in Hyderabad to have achieved overwhelming success rate in performing hysterectomies, Prostatectomy, and thyroidectomy using robotic technology. We perform operations with the same ease as is done in traditional surgeries, as our doctors the best experts you can vouch on. The departments that are fully integrated and equipped with robotic surgeries are

  • Cardiology
  • Nephrology
  • Urology
  • Oncology
  • Bariatric
  • Gynecology
  • Endocrinology
  • ENT or otolaryngology

At KIMS, we have chosen the robotic equipment with complete care and have ensured that the endowrist, the 3 D camera and the four arms of the robot and the console are ergonomically designed to suit the Indian healthcare care industry. We have the highest commitment in delivering the best and have taken the lead in pioneering and successfully implementing robotic surgeries. We have ensured with great sincerity and integrity that the latest and best robotic surgery platforms are integrated into our system. Our surgeon’s agile abilities, dedication, and expertise combined with the precision and of robotic technology systems have made KIMS as one top-most and leading hospitals in Indian healthcare industry. Our patients have derived excellent results from the robotic technology and are instrumental in the growth story of KIMS. Our patient testimonial is our greatest reward and we work for it relentlessly. Our infra facilities have been highly commended by patients all over Asia.



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