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Kidney Transplantation Centre

The KIMS Transplant Center provides care for patients seeking pre and post kidney and pancreas transplantation services. Patients requiring a kidney transplant suffer from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and are in the fifth stage of the disease. Patients needing a pancreas transplant suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Usually patients needing a pancreas are also in need of a kidney transplant.


Kidneys are the vital organs of human body. They cleanse the toxins from the body and ensure healthy blood flow to all organs of the body. Sometimes when kidneys fail, the only option would be to transplant them. There are many forms of Kidney transplantation techniques available, like transplantation of a kidney from a live donor who is preferably a blood relative which ensures perfect match or harvesting a kidney through swap process. A swap transplant is a process wherein it allows the donor to donate a kidney to another unrelated recipient while at the same time his relative receives a kidney from the recipient’s relative, which is prevalent in many hospitals.


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