Laser Piles Center

Piles, medically known as Hemorrhoids, are essentially veins which get swollen in rectum and anus regions. Piles are usually of two types – internal and external. Those around the anus region, under the skin, are external piles (External Hemorrhoids) and those which develop inside the rectum are internal piles (internal Hemorrhoids)

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Symptoms for External Piles (External Hemorrhoids)

Usual symptoms include:

Itching sensation near anus

Swelling near the anus region

Bleeding in some cases

Localized pain or irritation near anus 

Symptoms for Internal Piles (Internal Hemorrhoids)

Usual symptoms include:

Feeling of irritation or straining while passing stool

Bleeding, usually painless, while passing stool

Complications of Piles

An inflamed region can give rise to ulcers

In some cases, piles may become thrombosed as a result of blood clot

Causes of Piles:

1. Chronic constipation

2. Undue straining before passing stool

3. Being overweight

4. Poor diet or low fiber content in diet


1. Eating diet which is high in fiber like fruits and vegetables

2. Keeping hydrated by drinking sufficient water everyday

3. Not putting pressure while passing stool

4. Not sitting on toilet seat for long time as it can cause put pressure on veins around anus region



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