Radio Surgery Centre

The KIMS Radio surgery Center has provided team-oriented patient-focused treatment for patients with neurological disorders throughout the Hyderabad and neighbouring areas. A specialized panel of Radiation Oncologists, Neurosurgerons, Neuro-Otologists, and Neuro-Radiologists custom design a treatment program for each patient, based upon their particular situation, to optimize tumor control and preserve hearing.

The latest microsurgical and radiosurgical techniques are available in a comfortable and convenient setting. adiosurgery is a radiation delivery procedure that precisely delivers large radiation doses to tumors and other relevant anatomical targets in one to five treatments. The goal of this non-invasive procedure is to destroy, or make inactive, the target anatomy while minimizing dose exposure to the surrounding healthy tissue. Radiosurgery began by treating targets in the brain and has now extended to targets in the spine and other organs in the body.



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