KIMS Imaging Center is one of the most advanced diagnostic imaging facilities in the nation, offering complete imaging services using some of the most sophisticated technology available. These services are supported by the desert's largest group of radiology physicians specializing in oncology, cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurological imaging.

The finest medical technology and specialized services is combined with a comprehensive team of health care professionals, all in a setting designed for the convenience, personalized service and care of each guest.

As great strides have been made in cancer treatment, one thing remains unchanged - the sooner cancer is detected, the more effectively it can be treated and the chances of survival are increased dramatically. This is essential for anyone who has a personal or family history of cancer, or is at high risk for cancer. Anyone who has had cancer, or has a friend or family member with the disease, knows there is always a high risk of the cancer returning. Monitoring recovery and remission is essential - and PET/CT helps by making it easy and accurate.



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