The Ambulatory Day Care Centre at KIMS caters to out-patients who need consultations with specialists, examinations, investigations and minor procedures as well as day patients who go home the same day after completing their surgical/medical procedures. In some cases, this period may be extended overnight and the patient may be discharged the following day, however, the total duration of stay rarely exceeds over 24 hours.

At KIMS, we have a dedicated unit that provides a wide range of services including day care surgeries, emergency day care, consultation with day care-trained doctors and surgeons, preventive health check-ups, lifestyle counselling and more. We provide effective and efficient health care for patients with predictable requirements in a patient-friendly and relaxing environment.

The day care hospital ambience comprises of well-appointed lifts that aid patient mobility, a spacious lounge area with soothing pastel shaded walls along with bright frescos and paintings that are mood up lifters, while the furniture creates a homely atmosphere.

The benefits of day care surgery are as follows:

  • Complete infrastructure with latest gadgets
  • Expertise of eminent consultants
  • Competent and dedicated technicians and nurses
  • No overnight stay
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal or no disruption to regular routine
  • Economic advantages
  • Reduced pain due to special anaesthesia techniques
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Faster mobilisation
  • Faster return to normal environment
  • Faster domestic arrangements
  • Less loss of time at work or school
  • Less psychological disturbances, especially in children
  • Reduced risk of cross-infection at hospitals



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