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Vulvar Cancer Treatment Cost

Vulvar cancer or vulval cancer attacks the vulva and gradually invades the vagina. It can cause cyst, pruritus, or inflammation in the most intimate area of a woman. For removing the cancer-affected areas the vulvectomy surgery in Hyderabad may cost up to INR 47,000 or more. The average price for vulvar cyst treatment in Hyderabad cost is approx INR 55,000, and the treatment cost for vulvar inflammation and vulvar pruritus in Hyderabad depends upon the medicine and dosage recommended by the doctor.


Cancer harms the body by dividing itself to form various tumours. Tumours can further grow and impact the normal function of the body. A malignant tumour spreads while a benign tumour doesn't. The reason for the spread can be:

  • A cancer cell invades the healthy tissue through the blood or lymph system.

  • In the process of angiogenesis, cells divide themselves and spread fast throughout the body.

  • If the treatment is avoided, cancer keeps growing and spreading with the process called metastasis.

There is no specific reason why cancer cells act in a certain way. However, some of the below-mentioned factors can affect the chances of vulvar cancer:

  • HPV

  • AIDS

  • Melanoma or od moles

  • Melanoma running in the family

  • Cancer of the uterus or cervix

  • Smoking

Moreover, vulvar cancer is closely linked with vulvar inflammation, as it is also one of the symptoms of this cancer. Chronic vulva inflammation treatment costs in Hyderabad may be covered by the creams and other soothing formulas as prescribed by the doctor. The price for the treatment of vulva inflammation is different from the treatment cost for vulvar cyst and vulvectomy surgery price in Hyderabad.

The vulvectomy involves surgical removal of the skin affected by the cancer

Types of Vulvar Cancer

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Most common type among others, is linked to the STD, Human Papillomavirus(HPV). This kind of cancer begins with skin cells.

  • Vulvar Melanoma: Melanoma is formed on cells that make skin pigment. A person is likely to get it in the area exposed to the Sun the most. Sometimes, it develops on the vulva.

  • Adenocarcinoma: It starts developing in the cells of Bartholin’s gland, present inside the opening of the vagina. This type is also known as Bartholin gland cancer. It may look like a cyst. Additionally, it can also develop in sweat glands of the skin of the vulva or the top layer of the vulvar skin.

  • Sarcoma: This is different from the others because it starts in cells of the bone, muscle, or connective tissue.

  • Verrucous Carcinoma: It is a subset of Squamous cell carcinoma, and grows comparatively slow.

Treatment of Vulvar Cancer

The different types of treatment for vulvar cancer are :

  • Surgery: The aim is to remove cancer-affected parts while protecting the sexual function of the vagina. It includes-

    • Laser surgery

    • Excision

    • Skinning or Radical Vulvectomy

  • Chemotherapy: This therapy is usually combined with Radiotherapy. It can be used on the skin as a cream or lotion, depending upon the stage of cancer and its type.

  • Radiation Therapy: It shrinks the tumours or deep lesions before the main surgery. It can treat lymph nodes and help with symptoms.

  • Biological Therapy: It empowers the body to defend and fight against cancer by using synthetic or natural substances into the body.

Some patients take the combination of all or some of them to treat their cancer.

Vulvar Cancer Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

The types of therapies, and surgery affects the treatment cost of Vulvar cancer in Hyderabad. In India, the rough value for this treatment is approx INR 1,60,000, thus the price for vulvectomy surgery or vulvar cyst treatment or vulvar pruritus treatment in Hyderabad must be under the same value. However, the treatment cost of vulva cancer in Hyderabad also depends on the hospital.


  1. Does vulvar cancer spread fast?

    The general growth of most cancers is slow, however, the likes of melanomas may grow relatively quick. If left untreated, cancer can enter the vagina, urethra, or anus, and spread into the lymph nodes through the pelvis and abdomen. This can lead to invading the bloodstream.

  2. What are the symptoms of Vulvar Cancer?

    Some common symptoms include:

      Change in colour of Vulva

    • Thickening of Vulva Skin

    • Open wound

    • Itching that doesn't go away

    • The sensation of pain or burning

    • Painful intercourse or discomfort in penetration

  3. How long does the vulvar cancer treatment last?

    The treatment goes from five to six weeks.

  4. Can vulvar cancer make you tired?

    Yes, vulvar cancer causes sore skin around the vulva area, diarrhoea and exhaustion.

  5. Are vulvar inflammation and vulvar pruritus treatment similar?

    Since they are the symptoms of vulvar cancer, their nature of treatment can be alike but the medication may not be similar. The medicinal cost, doctor's visit, and dosages affect the treatment cost of vulval inflammation and the price of vulvar pruritus treatment in Hyderabad.


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