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Cardiac Stress Test Cost

There are various cardiological tests to examine the heart's capacity to respond to external stress which is known as cardiac stress tests, or cardiopulmonary exercise tests, or simply CPX tests. Exercise is done or pharmaceutical stimuli are injected into the bloodstream to trigger the stress to observe the heart’s response. This is done under the constant observation of healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. The cost for the cardiac stress test in Hyderabad varies depending on the type of procedure. Generally, the price for a stress test heart in Hyderabad is very economical for the middle class. Two of the common cardiac stress tests are the nuclear stress test and the TMT test for the heart in Hyderabad.

Procedure of TMT test for heart in Hyderabad(Treadmill test)

Generally, the patients are required to take off their ordinary clothing before the TMT and have to put on a gown. The healthcare practitioners will then attach electrodes to your chest.

Followed by the patient walking on the treadmill. Gradually, the treadmill's speed increases at a constant rate. The heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure will be recorded while the person is on the treadmill.

After the doctor receives the desired outcome and observes everything the patient can stop.

Once TMT is done, the patients are typically monitored for a while to ensure that their blood pressure and heart rate return to normal.

Procedure of Nuclear heart test in Hyderabad/PET Stress Test in Hyderabad

A nuclear heart test is also known as a cardiac PET stress test in Hyderabad as well as in other parts of the globe, because it may use positron emission technology (PET).

An intravenous (IV) line will be inserted into the arm by a medical professional, which consists of a radioactive dye in the IV. This dye helps the doctor to examine the pictures of the heart. It takes around fifteen to fourteen minutes for the heart to absorb the color.

Images of your heart at rest will be produced using a specialized camera that scans your heart.

The remaining portions of the test resemble an exercise stress test. After being connected to electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment, one can either use a treadmill or stationary bike to exercise.

Medications that increase heartbeats may be prescribed when the patient is not healthy enough to exercise.

Another radioactive dye injection will be given when the heart is pumping the hardest. After waiting for fifteen to forty minutes for the absorption of dye by the heart, the patient needs to

work out again while the special camera captures more images of the heart.

The doctor will then compare the two pictures of the heart- one at rest and the other one while working.

The radioactive dye gets excreted through the urine. Thus bulk water consumption is suggested to hasten its removal.

Cost of Cardiac Stress Test in Hyderabad

It is very challenging to state the exact price for the heart stress test in Hyderabad. There are various factors which control the cost of cardiac stress tests in Hyderabad, such as the type of the test, clinic and doctor fee, etc. The cost of a TMT test for a heart in Hyderabad ranges between INR 2,000 to INR 4,000.

The nuclear heart test in Hyderabad or we can say the cardiac PET stress test in Hyderabad cost may start from INR 15,000 and can go further.


  1. What are the risks related to the Nuclear heart test in Hyderabad?

    There is no danger associated with getting the heart PET stress test in Hyderabad. Even the cost of this stress test of the heart in Hyderabad is cheaper than in the USA. However, there are some very rare complications due to nuclear heart test, they are as follow:

    • Chest pain, trembling, nausea

    • Allergic reaction to Dye

    • Extreme exhaustion

    • Anxiety or shortness of breath

    • Headache

  2. What is the use of cardiac stress tests?

    The main purpose of cardiac stress tests is to diagnose any abnormality. Some of the uses are:

    • Observing the heart before any cardiac surgery

    • Diagnose heart arrhythmias or coronary artery disease

    • Aids in planning the treatment of heart diseases

  3. What are the limitations of cardiac stress tests?

    It can not detect Atheroma or vulnerable plaques. Moreover, these tests often fail to give correct reports.

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