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Treatments Procedures

Our outstanding teams of doctors and specialists have a scientific yet humane approach to ensure patients are given accurate diagnoses using high-tech investigative methods and superior post-operative day care.

Day Care Surgeries

Short stay day care surgery is a cost-effective, quality approach to surgery. Multiple factors have contributed to this transition, including economic forces, improved anaesthetic and surgical techniques, better pre-operative planning, better patient education and an enhanced ability to deliver adequate analgesia in the outpatient setting. We have the latest in technology and the best professionals in the field for optimum patient security and satisfaction. Our trained nursing personnel continuously monitor post-operative conditions and carry out periodic medical audits for patient safety.

Therapeutic & Palliative Procedures

These procedures emphasize treatment issues such as medication, pain assessment, pain management and other nursing and medical requirements of our patients. Our team is able to provide excellent care for symptom control and psychological distress. We conduct various procedures such as administration of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis or chemotherapy for cancer patients amongst others.

There are a number of invasive and non-invasive procedures successfully carried out at the day care centre across various surgical areas.

Cardiology Day Care

Our cardiologists perform coronary angiography which helps the diagnosis of possible blockages in coronary arteries or veins as well as coronary angioplasty procedure which is used to open narrow or blocked heart arteries, restoring blood flow to the heart muscle.

We also provide sclerotherapy which is the treatment of blood vascular and lymphatic malformations.

Oncology Day Care

Our oncologists routinely perform chemotherapy and radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells and shrink the size of tumours.

Nephrology Day Care

Kidney disorders are treated by our proficient nephrologists who perform lithotripsy which destroys kidney stones; dialysis that provides an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in cases of acute renal failure or chronic kidney disease.

Gastroenterology Day Care

Our gastroenterologists perform investigations like endoscopy and colonoscopy to detect gastrointestinal problems. Appendectomy is a common surgical procedure done by our surgeons for removal of the appendix when an infection causes it to become inflamed and swollen.

Endocrinologist Day Care

We conduct prostatectomy thus surgically removing a part or whole of the infected prostate gland.

Gynaecology Day Care

Uterine and ovarian infections and cysts are common, hence we regularly help patients get hysterectomy.

Our experts perform dental surgery

Such as root canal and ophthalmic surgery such as cataract surgery on a regular basis.

Other specialised procedures undertaken at our day care centre include biopsy which is the removal of tissue in order to examine it for disease; blood transfusion where patients receive blood intravenously to replace blood lost during surgery or due to serious injury; hernia surgeries to repair the swelling or rupture occurring in upper thigh, groin or abdomen; sinusitis surgery which reduces inflammation of the sinuses by removing the blockage and draining the mucus; tonsillectomy to treat infection causing tonsil enlargement and breathing disorders amongst others.



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