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Gaucher Disease Treatment Cost

What is Gaucher disease?

Gaucher disease is a phenomenon under which the different organs in your body, particularly the liver and the spleen can be filled up with certain fatty substances. The build-up of these fatty substances in these organs might amplify their size and hence affect their function. Moreover, these fatty substances can even build up in the bone tissue, which can augment your risk of fractures and weaken the bone. Hence, the gaucher disease can become severe due to which you should know the Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad at the right time.

Gaucher disease is common in people whose enzyme that breaks down these fatty substances does not work properly. So you will have to consult your doctor and opt for treatment that can include enzyme replacement therapy. The enzyme replacement therapy or ERT will affect your ert Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad.

Gaucher disease treatment.

Though there is no cure for Gaucher disease, there are a variety of treatments that can help to relieve the symptoms and improve your quality of life. Sometimes people may have mild symptoms due to which they will not need any treatment. However, your doctor will always monitor the progress of this disease and look out for complications. The different types of treatment for the Gaucher disease will determine your Gaucher enzyme replacement therapy cost in Hyderabad. Let’s have a glance at the different treatment options.


Initially, your healthcare provider may suggest certain medications to control the symptoms. These medications can include enzyme replacement therapy, miglustat, eliglustat or osteoporosis drugs.

Under enzyme replacement therapy or ERT, your healthcare provider will aim at replacing the deficient enzyme with artificial ones. Hence the replaced enzymes can help to break up the fatty substances and prevent their accumulation. You would be given the replaced enzymes in an outpatient procedure, through a vein in high doses at two-week intervals. This entire procedure will determine your Cost of Gaucher disease treatment in Hyderabad.

Surgery and other procedures.

In case your symptoms for the Gaucher disease are quite severe and they are not responding to the less invasive treatments, then your doctor might suggest surgery. The two surgical procedures which your doctor may undertake to treat the gaucher disease are as follows.

  • Spleen removal. Before enzyme replacement therapy was made available, spleen removal surgery was a common treatment procedure for gaucher disease. However, presently this procedure is used as a last resort to treat Gaucher disease.

  • Bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplant is a high-risk approach and hence is performed less often as compared to enzyme replacement therapy. Under this surgery, your healthcare provider will replace and remove the blood-forming cells that are damaged by the Gaucher disease. This can help to reverse many symptoms of the disease.

Thus, these surgical procedures will determine your Gaucher enzyme replacement therapy cost in Hyderabad.


  1. What are the different diagnostic tests and procedures for Gaucher disease?

    The different tests and procedures to diagnose Gaucher disease can include a physical exam, lab tests, and imaging tests like MRI or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). The diagnostic tests and procedures will determine your Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad.

  2. What are the different risks and complications associated with Gaucher disease?

    Besides having an insight into the Gaucher enzyme replacement therapy cost in Hyderabad, you should also know the complications related to the Gaucher disease. These complications can include Parkinson’s disease, delays in growth and puberty in children, cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma, and obstetric and gynaecological issues.

  3. Why should I know the Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad from the KIMS Hospitals?

    Being the pioneer in organ transplantation, the KIMS Hospitals is a leading hospital for the treatment of Gaucher disease. With its multidisciplinary integrated healthcare services, the expert team of doctors present here focus on a wide array of diseases to provide the best care to their patients at affordable rates. Hence the Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad at this hospital is worth each penny.

  4. What is the average Gaucher disease treatment cost in Hyderabad?

    The average cost of Gaucher disease treatment in Hyderabad is quite expensive because of the high rates of each dose of enzyme replacement therapy. Generally, the Cost of Gaucher disease treatment in Hyderabad can range anywhere from 25 Lac rupees to 40 lac rupees. You may require approximately 26 vials of the medicine per year during your enzyme replacement therapy which may cause approximately 25,00,000 rupees based on the particular hospital and different factors.

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