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Gene Therapy Cost

What is gene therapy?

As the name suggests, Gene therapy is a type of therapy that aims at altering your genes to correct any underlying genetic problem or disease. Hence, this therapy could help your healthcare provider to treat a disorder by altering your genetic makeup instead of using surgery or drugs.

The genes present in the human body contain your DNA that could control the different functions of your body. However, if the genes do not function properly, they could cause different diseases.

In certain situations, your healthcare provider can use the replacing mutated genes therapy in hyderabad that aims at replacing a faulty gene or adding a new gene that can help to cure the disease. Other than this, adding a gene could even improve your body’s capability to fight disease. Gene therapy can be used to treat a wide array of diseases like haemophilia, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, cystic fibrosis and diabetes.

How is gene therapy performed?

As mentioned earlier, gene therapy is used to cure a disease or correct the defective genes in your body. There are a plethora of methods using which gene therapy may be performed. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Fixing mutated genes. Under the fixing mutated genes therapy in hyderabad, your healthcare provider may aim at fixing the mutated genes that cause diseases. These genes are turned off so that they will no longer cause any disease. On the other hand, under this procedure, the healthy genes that help to prevent the disease could even be turned on.

  • Replacing the mutated genes. Under the replacing mutated genes therapy in hyderabad, your healthcare provider will aim at replacing the diseased genes that no longer work at all or work incorrectly. Let’s understand this with an example. The genes known as p53 help to prevent tumour growth. In this situation, the people who have cancer may undergo the replacing mutated gene therapy that can help to replace the defective p53 genes. Hence this could, in turn, result in the death of cancer cells.

  • Increasing the visibility of the diseased cells in the immune system. In certain situations, your immune system may not attack the diseased cells because it may not recognise them as foreign. However, gene therapy can help to train your immune system to recognise these cells as foreign bodies and hence kill them.

Thus, these are the different ways through which gene therapy may be performed. The particular type of method used by your healthcare provider will affect the Gene therapy cost in Hyderabad.


  1. What are the risks and complications related to gene therapy?

    Gene therapy has certain risks and complications because genes cannot be easily inserted directly into your body. Instead, it will be delivered using a carrier referred to as a vector. This could in turn result in a plethora of risks like an unwanted immune system reaction that can cause inflammation and in severe cases organ failure. Other than this, sometimes the wrong cells are targeted because of which healthy cells may even be damaged and cause other illnesses or diseases like cancer. This therapy also feigns risk for tumours and infection caused by the virus.

  2. What are the results of gene therapy?

    If you want to know whether the Gene therapy cost in hyderabad is worth it or not, then you can have an insight into the past results of this therapy. Generally, the clinical trials of gene therapy have shown success in treating different diseases like leukaemia, haemophilia, severe combined immune deficiency and blindness which is caused by retinitis pigmentosa.

  3. What is the average Gene therapy cost in hyderabad?

    The average cost of gene therapy is quite high and depends on the particular type of the gene. Say, for example, one-time gene therapy shot of Zolgensma can cost approx 16 crore rupees.

  4. Which is the best hospital to know about gene therapy?

    If you want to get a realistic idea about the Gene therapy cost in hyderabad, then you can contact the team of expert doctors at the KIMS Hospitals. The doctors here have extensive experience and aim at providing any treatment to the patients with the least risks and highest level of satisfaction. Moreover, they will include you in each step of the procedure and consider all your requirements.

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