Electrocardiography Cost

What is Electrocardiography?

A test to assess the electrical activity of the heart is called an electrocardiogram, or ECG. The examination is painless and only lasts a few minutes. The heart's electrical activity causes the heart muscles to contract, which causes the heart to pump. The ECG consists of waves, or spikes and troughs. The wave pattern aids in determining our heartbeat's rhythm and rate. The electrocardiography test price in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So you must contact the doctor to know about the electrocardiography test price in Hyderabad.

But before knowing about the electrocardiography test price in Hyderabad, there are other important things to know about. The human heart generates an electrical impulse by itself. This electrical impulse creates an electrical current as it travels through our heart, which then reaches the skin. Three electrical leads are used to attach the patient to the Electrocardiograph (ECG) device, which records the heart's activity. One lead is attached to each wrist and the third to the patient's left ankle. This ECG exam is typical.

Different ECG Tests

ECG testing comes in three primary categories:

  • Resting ECG: This kind of ECG is utilised to look at the heart's electrical activity when it is at rest. The patient is advised to unwind throughout this examination, after which their heartbeat is measured.

  • Exercise ECG: The electrical activity of the heart during stress or exercise is examined with this kind of ECG. In this test, the patient is requested to cycle or run on a treadmill while the heart rate is monitored.

  • 24-hour ECG: The duration of this sort of ECG is 24 hours, as the name would imply. A tool known as the Holter Monitor measures the electrical impulses of the heart.

  • Medical Uses of ECG: Getting information about the electrical impulses of the heart is the major objective of electrocardiography. This implies that it can discover signs of previous heart attacks or possibly any unidentified heart condition.

Electrocardiography treatment

The heart ECG cost in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment done, you must be aware of the heart ECG cost in Hyderabad. As the treatment may affect the heart ECG cost in Hyderabad. The underlying cause often affects how well a treatment works when an EKG is irregular. As an illustration, some people have extremely sluggish heartbeats because their hearts don't transfer electrical signals properly. A pacemaker, which helps the heart return to a more normal rhythm, may be necessary in this case.

To keep their heartbeat more consistent, other people might need to take drugs on a daily basis. To allow blood flow to return to the heart in a person experiencing a heart attack, cardiac catheterization or ECG electrode placement in Hyderabad may be necessary.

Electrolyte imbalances in people may need to be treated with medicine or fluids. For instance, someone who is dehydrated may have electrolyte imbalances that are resulting in an irregular EKG. To replenish electrolytes, this person may need fluids, electrolyte-containing beverages, or pharmaceuticals. A doctor might not always advise any remedies in the case of an irregular EKG. If a person doesn't exhibit bothersome symptoms or if the irregularity is not caused for alarm, this might be the situation.


  1. What is ECG test price in Hyderabad?

    The ECG test price in Hyderabad range from Rs 150 to Rs. 300.

  2. What is the first step in preparation of the patient for ECG electrode placement in Hyderabad ?

    Get the patient ready: Make sure the patient is at a comfortable temperature in the examination room. The patient may shiver if the room is excessively chilly, which could produce artefacts or muscle tremors on the ECG. Referring to the diagram below, locate the electrode sites and completely shave off all body hair from the electrode sites.



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