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Small Bowel Transplant Cost

A short bowel transplant is done to help with the diseased or missing part of the small bowel(small intestine). The small intestine transplant includes replacing or shortening the small bowel with a donor’s healthy bowel. Due to the complexities, the surgery cost for a small bowel transplant in Hyderabad, or small intestine transplant surgery in Hyderabad, may not be very feasible. There are various kinds of bowel surgeries addressing different issues. The range of bowel transplant surgery prices in Hyderabad fluctuates due to the various kinds of bowel transplants. For example, the large intestine transplant cost in Hyderabad varies from the small intestine transplant surgery in Hyderabad.

Reasons to get Small Intestine Transplant Replacement in Hyderabad

There are various reasons to undergo a small intestine replacement in Hyderabad such as:

  • A condition of blocked intestines known as Atresia

  • Crohn’s disease or endocrine tumors

  • Sarcoidosis or amyloidosis, which is an infiltrative disease that may cause intestinal failure

  • Gardner’s syndrome

  • Short Bowel Syndrome

  • Volvulus, i.e. twisting of the bowel

  • A birth defect called, ‘gastroschisis’, in which the infant’s intestine develops externally(outside the body)

Procedure of Small Intestine Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, a small intestine replacement surgery is done under general anesthesia. Moreover, it is a long procedure which may last up to ten hours. The healthy intestine is transplanted after the diseased bowel is removed. The blood vessels of the body are then connected with the newly transported bowel as well as to the digestive react.

An opening is made in the abdomen to direct the digestive waste into the external pouch until the body of the patient recovers enough to use the new bowel. This procedure is also known as an ileostomy.

Cost of Bowel Transplants surgery in Hyderabad

Considering the time-consuming and complex procedure, as well as the follow-up care, the cost of the bowel implant in Hyderabad is expensive. As per the sources, the average cost for bowel transplant surgery in Hyderabad may start from INR 32,00,000.

Particularly, speaking one can expect the price for the small bowel transplant surgery in Hyderabad and the large intestine transplant cost in Hyderabad to cross over INR 28,00,000. However, one can not exactly point out the exact price of either two.

There are various factors which dictate the expenses of the small bowel transplant surgery in Hyderabad as well as the cost of a large bowel transplant in Hyderabad. Some of them are:

  • Type of the procedure

  • The extent of the diseases bowel

  • The health of the patient

  • Fees charged by the surgeon and the team

  • Clinic type

  • Follow-up care


  1. What are the kinds of intestinal procedures?

    There are major three types of intestinal transplant procedures as named below:

    • Small Bowel Transplant

    • Multivisceral Transplant

    • Combined Liver and Small Bowel Transplant

  2. What are the complications associated with a small bowel transplant?

    Some of the potential risks include:

    • Issues in breathing

    • Infections such as Cytomegalovirus in the small intestine

    • Thrombosis, which is the formation of the blood clotting

    • Body rejecting the new organ

    • Increased risks of certain kinds of cancers

  3. What is organ rejection?

    When the new organ is transplanted into the patient’s body, the immune system starts attacking it. This is because the new organ is like a foreign invader to the immune system. Hence various antibodies are used to avoid organ rejection. These medicines weaken the immune system and are recommended as a lifetime drug to avoid the body rejecting the organ. In case the transplant fails, the patient’s name is put on the waiting list for another transplant.

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