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Hemofiltration Cost

What is hemofiltration?

Also referred to as Haemofiltration, hemofiltration is a type of renal replacement therapy that is used to treat acute kidney injury. At the same time, this technique can even help to treat multiple organ dysfunction syndrome or sepsis. Renal replacement therapy in Hyderabad is usually performed in an intensive care setting.

Similar to hemodialysis, under aki treatment procedure in hyderabad, your healthcare provider will use convective clearance so that solutes can be transported through a semipermeable membrane along with the movement of solvents. The movement of a solvent also referred to as ultrafiltration, could occur as a response to the positive transmembrane pressure gradient. Moreover, the clearance also depends on the characteristics of the membrane as well as the solute like the molecular size of the solute.

At the same time, the process of Hemofiltration also includes the removal of the plasma water through the process of ultrafiltration and by replacing it with a buffered electrolyte solution. A buffered electrolyte solution is a substitution fluid that has a similar composition to the plasma water and it is administered either pre or post-filter. This is because just like in hemodialysis, the hemofiltration process also relies on a concentration gradient to help in the removal of the solutes. Different studies that have compared the diffusion clearance, as well as the convicted clearances, show that the substances which have a middle molecular weight, as well as the substances with large molecules, can be better removed with the help of convection.

However, as opposed to hemodialysis, Hemofiltration is more commonly used as an acute kidney injury treatment procedure in hyderabad. Generally, this is a prolonged and continuous procedure and is also referred to as continuous renal replacement therapy in hyderabad. It could take anywhere around 12 or more hours.


Hemodiafiltration is the combination of hemofiltration and hemodialysis. Under this procedure, a high rate of ultrafiltration is used to pump the blood through the blood compartment of a high flux dialyser. Due to the same reason, there is a high rate of movement of solutes as well as the water from the blood to the dialysate. This dialysate is replaced by a substitution fluid, which will be directly infused into your bloodline. Moreover, the dialysis solution will also run through the dialysate compartment of the dialyzer.

Generally, the combination of hemofiltration and hemodialysis can help to better provide better results because it helps in the removal of both small as well as large molecular weight solutes. What are online intermittent hemofiltration and online intermittent hemodiafiltration?

These are different types of procedures that can be given to patients in outpatient dialysis units either three or more times a week. Generally, both these procedures are aimed at preparing substitution fluid on-line from the dialysis solution. Generally, the solution will be prepared by running the dialysis solution through a set of two membranes to purify it. Then it is infused directly into the bloodline. However, hemodiafiltration has never been historically used in the United States because of its concerns regarding the purity of the online creation of substitution fluid.


  1. What is the difference between intermittent and continuous hemofiltration?

    The hemofiltration treatment can either be given intermittently or continuously to the patient. If it is continuous, then it is usually done in an intensive care unit. On the other hand, there is only a little difference regarding the clinical as well as the health economic outcome of both these procedures in the context of acute kidney failure.

  2. What is the average hemofiltration procedure cost in hyderabad?

    The average hemofiltration procedure cost in Hyderabad depends on a number of multiples. This cost will differ based on different factors like the location of the hospital, the types of facilities and equipment available at the hospital, the proficiency and qualifications of the doctors present there, the experience of the doctors at the hospital, the type of room you opt for and so on. Generally, hemodialysis can cost anywhere from 2000 to 6000 rupees in Hyderabad.

  3. Which is the best prefered renal replacement therapy?

    The best preferred renal replacement therapy in Hyderabad is hemodialysis, which is even available in most countries.

  4. Which is the best hospital to know about the hemofiltration procedure cost in Hyderabad?

    The Institute of Renal Sciences at the KIMS Hospitals provides acute and chronic renal replacement therapy in a variety of settings to the patient. Be it in-centre, satellite or home-based hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, the team of expert doctors here help to treat their patients with the utmost care, in an environment of compassion and safety. Moreover, the extensive experience of the team of doctors here helps them to provide the best treatment to the patients at affordable rates.

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