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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Therapy Cost

Nuclear medicine is one of the crucial fields of medicine, it uses small amounts of radioactive or radiopharmaceuticals to observe the internal organs of the body. In India the average cost of radiotherapy may start from INR 30,000 and go as far as INR 20,00,000, depending upon the case. Generally, the nuclear medicine therapy cost in Hyderabad or nuclear medicine and radiotherapy cost in Hyderabad starts from INR 1,30,000, although it depends on the Hospital. Handling radiation is very risky and needs extravagant instruments of the best quality, which is why the therapeutic nuclear medicine cost in Hyderabad is so high.

What is Nuclear Medicine Therapy And Process

Nuclear Medicine is the diagnosis using radiology and radioactive materials. Doctors use nuclear medicine to study the structure and observe the function of the patient’s internal organs. In nuclear medicine, radioactive materials such as radioisotopes or radiopharmaceuticals are entered into the body. The cost of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy in Hyderabad can cross over 1 lakh.

Once the radiopharmaceutical substance is injected into the body, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) is used to image the body organs. It is even used to identify some types of cancers and the size of tumours. The nuclear medicine therapy cost treatment in Hyderabad is also expensive.

Why is Nuclear Medicine Used

The doctor may suggest nuclear medicine to diagnose or treat some illnesses. It is used for the diagnosis of any unhealthy tissue, abnormal growth of any tissue, or function of internal organs. The radiologist, a person who specialises in radiation healthcare, handles a radiation detector to check the level of radioactive material absorbed. Then the expert observes how all the tissues and organs are responding to the tracer(that contains radioactive material and is used for injecting it into the body)

PET, a type of nuclear medicine, is used to exhibit the natural function of the cells. PET scans are combined with CT scans or MRI to provide 3-D images of the organs. This helps in diagnosing heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancerous tumours and brain disorders. Due to the implementation of the advanced equipments, nuclear cancer treatment costs in Hyderabad multiplied.

For treatment, the tracer is used to damage or prevent the growth of the target tissue or organ further. Iodine therapy and brachytherapy are two common nuclear medicine treatments. The therapeutic nuclear medicine cost in Hyderabad is divided by the number of sessions required by the patient.

Nuclear Medicine Therapy cost in Hyderabad

The therapeutic nuclear medicine cost in Hyderabad or nuclear medicine and radiotherapy cost in Hyderabad may begin from INR 1,30,000 and then go over to INR 30,00,000. The nuclear cancer treatment cost in Hyderabad can be way higher because it is combined with other kinds of therapies, such as Chemotherapy and Biological Therapy. Then there are also other treatments and medicines given to cancer patients which inflates the cost of nuclear cancer treatment in Hyderabad.

Common Nuclear Medicine Therapies in India

  • Yttrium-90(Y-90)-Use to treat liver Cancer

  • Iodine-131(I-131) MIBG- Kills cancer cells found in children with specific categories of cancer.

  • Lutetium-177(Lu-177)- Treat adults with gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours.

  • Indium-111- Use to identify regions of inflammation and infections in blood cells.


  1. Can I get nuclear medicine therapy while being pregnant?

    Yes, but the woman should inform her health professional that she is pregnant or breastfeeding before the therapy.

  2. Is nuclear medicine therapy risky?

    Customarily, radiation is harmful, thus the radiation doses may increase the possibility of developing cancer later. It can also cause skin reddening or hair fall.

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