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Laser Coagulation Cost

What is laser coagulation?

Laser coagulation or laser photocoagulation is a type of eye surgery under which your healthcare provider will use a laser to destroy or shrink the abnormal structures located in your retina. The diabetic retinopathy laser coagulation in hyderabad is even performed to intentionally cause scarring.

Generally, this procedure is performed at an outpatient or office facility. Under this procedure, your healthcare provider will aim at using the laser and creating the microscopic burn in the particular tissue to be targeted. These laser spots are applied in any one of the three patterns. Now let’s know about the laser photocoagulation process in detail.

What happens during the laser coagulation procedure?

Before your laser photo coagulation in hyderabad, your healthcare provider will make special preparations. Usually, both your eyes might be dilated for this procedure by using eye drops. In rare situations, you might even be given a shot of a local anaesthetic. This means you will be awake during the procedure and it will be pain-free.

Then you might be seated with your chin on a chin rest and a special lens will be placed in the eye. This lens has a mirror which could help your healthcare provider in targeting the laser at the correct spots.

Once the laser is targeted at the particular area of the retina that needs treatment, you will see a flash with each pulse of the laser sent. The frequency of the pulses of the laser sent depends on the particular condition being treated by the panretinal laser coagulation in hyderabad.

When the laser coagulation procedure is completed, your vision might get blurred for a day. Also, if the treatment was performed for macular oedema, then your vision might get worse for a few days as well. However, it will get better with time.

Why is the laser coagulation procedure performed?

There are different circumstances when you may be required to know all about the retinal laser coagulation price in hyderabad. One of the most common eye diseases that require this procedure is diabetic retinopathy. Under this procedure, the back part of your eye referred to as the retina can be severely damaged. When diabetic retinopathy becomes severe, it is referred to as proliferative diabetic retinopathy, under which abnormal vessels might grow on the retina. In this case, your vessels can bleed and even result in scarring of the retina.

So when laser photocoagulation is used for diabetic retinopathy, the laser energy is aimed at specific parts of the retina to prevent the growth of abnormal vessels. Other than this, this surgery can even help to treat other eye problems like a tear in your retina, a blockage in the small veins that carry blood from the retina, macular degeneration, retinal tumour, or retinal detachment under which your retina separates from the layers located below at the back of the eye.


  1. What are the potential risks and complications associated with laser photo coagulation in hyderabad?

    Just like another procedure, the Laser coagulation procedure also has certain risks and side effects. When each pulse of laser is sent, it could cause a microscopic burn on your retina. Due to this, you can experience different side effects like a blind spot, mild loss of vision, reduced colour vision, reduced side vision, reduced night vision, blurred vision and difficulty in focusing.

  2. What is the outlook of the laser coagulation procedure?

    Laser coagulation surgery can be most successful in cases of people who have early stages of vision loss. However, this surgery cannot bring back lost vision. It could significantly help to reduce your risk of common vision loss.

  3. Why should I know about the Laser coagulation procedure from the KIMS Hospitals?

    The KIMS Hospitals is among India’s largest and most renowned multi-super speciality healthcare centres with cutting-edge technology, modular operation theatre and modernised monitoring systems in the ICUs. You can choose this hospital for the laser coagulation procedure because the panel of highly qualified and skilled doctors here have a variety of specialisations. Moreover, they are supported by trained clinical and paramedical staff who strives to provide the best medical care to their patients.

  4. What is the average Laser coagulation procedure cost in hyderabad?

    The average cost of the Laser coagulation procedure can range anywhere from one Lac rupees to ₹150,000. However, this cost can fluctuate based on different factors, like the particular type of hospital you choose, the proficiency and qualifications of the doctors there, the type of room you opt for, and so on.

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