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Eye Muscle Surgery Cost

In order to treat strabismus, extraocular muscles are operated on during eye muscle surgery. The process is also referred to as extraocular muscle surgery, strabismus surgery, or eye alignment surgery. In order to change the position of the eye or eyes, surgery is performed on one or more of the ocular muscles. This surgery can occasionally be performed simply as an outpatient treatment. For this procedure, a general anesthetic is required to put the patient to sleep. The exotropia surgery in Hyderabad depends upon various factors. You must contact the doctor to know about cross-eye surgery in Hyderabad Or squint surgery price in Hyderabad

But before knowing about exotropia surgery in Hyderabad or cross eye surgery in Hyderabad there are some other important things to know about. The eyes can be realigned so that they point in the same direction with the aid of eye muscle restoration surgery. Although adults with eye muscle issues may potentially benefit from this operation, children with strabismus are the ones who receive it most frequently. By performing eye exercises or by wearing spectacles, some people are able to successfully treat strabismus.

Eye muscle surgery Treatment

The cross eye surgery in Hyderabad and exotropia surgery in Hyderabad vary from place to place. So before getting the treatment, you must be aware of the squint surgery price in Hyderabad & strabismus surgery in Hyderabad. A minimally invasive treatment called eye muscle surgery allows an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) to loosen, tighten, or reposition one or more of the eye muscles to address structural problems.

The conjunctiva, the thin clear covering over the sclera, is where the surgeon makes small incisions to gain access to the muscles (the white part of the eye). One or more of the eye muscles may need to be severed, sutured, reattached, or folded into small pieces throughout the process. To get the best treatment you must be aware of the squint surgery price in Hyderabad and strabismus surgery in Hyderabad. After knowing the Eye muscle surgery cost in Hyderabad you must go ahead.

Prior to the Operation

The drug will manage pain, paralyze the muscles, and produce sleep if general anesthesia is applied. In order to help the patient breathe during surgery, a breathing tube will be inserted in the throat.

Anesthetic drugs will be utilized to cause drowsiness if monitored anesthesia sedation and local anesthesia are used. The local anesthetic will next be injected or applied as drops into the eye.

During the Operation

Surgery on the eye muscles should last between 30 and 60 minutes. The eyelids are held gently open for the duration of the treatment with the aid of a tiny retractor. The eye will be rotated, and your ophthalmologist will slit the conjunctiva. There is no need to alter the eye's natural posture. Your ophthalmologist will then discover the muscle or muscles that require repair. Without using a camera, the muscles are plainly apparent through the conjunctival incision.

Following the Surgery

After the procedure, close observation is required. You could be allowed to accompany your child in the post-operative recovery area if they underwent surgery. To avoid an infection, antibiotic drops or ointment can be used on the operative eye. As required, painkillers will be administered.

Some people feel a little queasy as the effects of general anesthesia wear off. Ginger beverages and bland, salty foods (like crackers) can be beneficial.


  1. What is strabismus surgery in Hyderabad?

    Strabismus The surgical realignment of the eyes is called surgery. Eye misalignment frequently results in the eyes pointing inwards and outwards or above and downwards. The misalignment of the eye can be brought on by unbalanced nerve stimulation or muscle strain on just one side of the eye muscle.

  2. What is Eye muscle surgery cost in Hyderabad?

    The Eye muscle surgery cost in Hyderabad is Rs.22,000 to Rs.25,000 Post-Surgery cost:- Rs.3,000 [Spectacles and antibiotics] along with follow-up consultations. Lens cost:- Rs.6,000 [Monofocal] and Rs.10,000.

  3. What is eye muscle surgery?

    In order to treat strabismus, extraocular muscles are operated on during eye muscle surgery.

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