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Anorectal Malformation Cost

What is Anorectal Malformation?

Birth disorders known as anorectal malformations occur when the anus and rectum, or lower end of the digestive tract, do not develop normally. They can range in severity from modest to severe and are thought to affect 1 in 4,000 babies. Solid waste moves normally from the colon (large intestine) to the rectum (the last portion of the colon), then through the anus. The rectum and the anus do not form correctly in children who have an ARM. The Anorectal Malformation surgery price in Hyderabad depends upon various factors. So you must contact the doctor to know about the

Anorectal Malformation surgery price in Hyderabad.

But before knowing about the Anorectal Malformation surgery price in Hyderabad, there are other important things to know about. Some ARM subtypes can lead to infections, faecal and/or urine incontinence, constipation, and other issues. Some of these issues have an excellent long-term prognosis, are quite modest, and are simple to cure. Others, like sexual function and bladder and bowel control, are complicated and have an impact on many different aspects of life.

Anorectal Malformation treatment

The Anorectal Malformation surgery price in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment done, you must be aware of the Anorectal Malformation surgery price in Hyderabad. According to the anatomy, your child will often require 3 operations to treat the anorectal malformation: The rectum is inserted through the anal sphincter's core in order to form a stoma, followed by the closing of the stoma. Some kids will only require one procedure to insert the rectum through the anal sphincter's middle. The surgical strategy will be chosen after a thorough evaluation of your child by the surgeon due to the variability in anatomy.

  • Skin opening in the wrong place: If there is a hole for faeces to drain through, but it is in the wrong spot, it will be moved to the anal sphincter, which is the proper place. Typically, this is completed in a single procedure.

  • p>Low rectus without skin opening: The right anal opening will be made within the anal sphincter if there is no skin hole for stool to drain through and the rectum is low and close to it. A single operation can complete this.

  • High rectus without skin opening: The surgical repair will be carried out in stages if the rectum finishes high in the pelvis and is too far from the skin. The colon will first be connected to the skin on the abdominal wall by means of a stoma. The stool can pass through a hole called a colostomy and into a bag. The mucous fistula, the second opening, allows the closed end of the rectum to drain fluid or mucous as necessary. The infant can go home to heal and develop after this procedure.


  1. When is psarp surgery in Hyderabad done?

    Typically, the PSARP procedure is performed within the first year of your child's life. Your child will often have had a colostomy operation at birth if necessary. The large intestine is split into two halves and the ends are delivered through holes in the abdomen during a colostomy.

  2. How long does psarp surgery in Hyderabad take?

    In the hands of a skilled surgeon, the procedure takes about an hour, but it necessitates numerous painstaking and delicate techniques to protect vital continence structures, as well as to prevent harm to the vagina in female patients and the urethra in male patients.

  3. How do you fix an anorectal malformation repair surgery in Hyderabad?

    Doctors treat anorectal malformations with surgery. The anorectal malformation repair surgery in Hyderabad depends on the location and type of malformation. Doctors often perform surgery in the first few days after the baby is born. In some cases, doctors can repair anorectal malformation with one operation.

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