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Proton Beam Therapy Cost

What is proton therapy?

Proton beam therapy is a type of radiation therapy that aims at using high-powered energy to treat either cancerous or non-cancerous tumours. Since the past many years, radiation therapy was used to treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumours using X-rays. However, proton therapy is a new advancement in the field of radiation therapy that uses energy from protons or positively charged particles. If you want to consider the option of protein beam therapy, then you can know the Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad.

Proton therapy has resulted in treating a variety of cancers. Moreover, studies even show how this therapy might have lesser side effects as compared to traditional radiation therapy. The reason behind this is that your health care providers can better control the location where the proton beams deliver their energy. This is a rare type of therapy which is not widely available, so theProton radiation therapy cost in Hyderabad might be high.

What happens during proton beam therapy?

Before your proton beam therapy, you can have an insight into the Proton cancer treatment cost in Hyderabad. Knowing the Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad will help you to assess your budget and choose your preferred hospital.

Generally, you will have to undergo proton therapy for several weeks and each week you will have to go to your health care provider for five days. However, in certain circumstances, you may only undergo proton therapy once or a few times, depending on your particular situation. The proton therapy takes just a few minutes. However, you will have to prepare before the therapy and it could take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. The duration of your stay in the hospital will also affect your Proton therapy for cancer cost in Hyderabad.

Before the proton beam therapy, you will be positioned on a table. Your healthcare provider will use cushions to hold your body still and then undergo an imaging test. The test used can be a CT scan or an X-ray that ensures that your body is in the exact position before each treatment. Then the proton therapy will be administered using a machine known as a gantry. This machine aims at directing the proton beams at specific parts of your body. You will be able to hear the machine when it is administering the proton therapy, but you will not be able to feel the radiation during the treatment.

All the different steps and procedures performed during the Proton beam therapy will affect your Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad.


  1. What are the potential risks and complications of proton therapy?

    Besides knowing the Proton cancer treatment cost in Hyderabad, you should also know the potential complications and risks of proton therapy. Some of the common side effects can include fatigue, soreness, and hair loss. and skin redness around the part of the body that was treated.

  2. What can proton therapy treat?

    You can know the Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad to treat different conditions like breast cancer, brain tumours, lung cancer, liver cancer, cancer in children, sarcoma, pituitary gland tumours, pancreatic cancer, eye melanoma, liver cancer, tumours in the base of the skull, tumours affecting the spine, prostate cancer or pancreatic cancer.

  3. What is the average Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad?

    The average Proton therapy for cancer cost in Hyderabad can be around 20 Lac rupees. However, the average Proton radiation therapy cost in Hyderabad may start at ₹190,000.

  4. Why should I know the Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad from the KIMS Hospitals?

    If you want to know the Proton beam therapy cost in Hyderabad, then you can contact the KIMS hospitals. The Center for Radiation Oncology at KIMS Hospitals uses advanced technology to fight cancer. The well-rounded medical team at this hospital aims at achieving the highest probability of cure, with the least level of side effects for cancer.



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