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Radiosurgery Cost

Radiosurgery or radiotherapy uses radiation to destroy specific tissues without any decision surgery. Radiosurgery is often used to cure cancer and is also categorized into different procedures. The stereotactic radiosurgery in Hyderabad is done in single sessions for the brain and spine. However, the general price for srs radiation in Hyderabad may also reach INR 4,20,000. The recent development has introduced zap surgical procedure in Hyderabad which helps in a better direction of the radiations.

Brief on Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Hyderabad /SRS radiation in Hyderabad

The SRS radiation in Hyderabad, also known as stereotactic radiosurgery in Hyderabad uses radiation beams which are focused at the treatment site for removing tumors, mainly present in the neck, liver, spine, brain and other sensitive parts of the body. Although in contemporary language SRS will not be considered a surgical procedure, it has been more benevolent than the surgery itself. Three-dimensional imaging is used to locate the precise location for directing the focused radiation beams.

Benefits of Stereotactic Radiosurgery are:

  1. Cancers which cannot be operated on are treated using radiation.

  2. It doesn’t require any excision, hence it reduces the discomfort and risks of any infection on the wound.

  3. Unlike incision surgery, radiosurgery has a higher chance to destroy all the cancer cells without leaving anything behind. Thus, radiation therapy is more effective.

  4. The normal radiation session may end in a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the case. However, it takes lesser time and the patient recovers at a faster pace

Types of Radiosurgery

  1. Zap-X Surgical Procedure in Hyderabad: As compared to other procedures, the Zap-X surgical procedure in Hyderabad is a recent development in the field of medicine. In 2020, Zap-X became popular when it treated two patients in China during a national COVID-19 lockdown. Zap-X surgical procedure in Hyderabad uses surgical robots designed specifically for radiology targeting the brain, head, and neck.

  2. Linear Accelerator systems(LINAC): X-ray beams work to destroy large tumors and other lesions. It is also divided into different categories such as -CyberKnife, X-knife, and Peacock.

Factors Deciding the Type of Radiation Therapy

There are various aspects which help the doctor to adopt the distinct radiation therapy, such as:

  • Size and location of the tumor

  • Medical history and age of the patient

  • Kind of the cancer

  • Whether the cancer cells are too close to the healthy cells which are sensitive to the radiation

Cost of Radiosurgery in Hyderabad

The average cost for radiosurgery in Hyderabad may start from INR 1,30,000. However, there are other factors which can add up to the value of radiosurgery in Hyderabad.


  1. What are the side-effects of radiosurgery?

    The common side-effects of radiosurgery are:

    • It May affects the healthy cells which are close to cancer cells

    • Extreme fatigue after the radiation therapy

    • Nausea, vomit, and headache

    • Hair and memory loss

    • Shortness of breath and throat issues when the chest is being treated

  2. What precautions are to be taken after the radiosurgery?

    • Since radiosurgery may cause nausea and weakness, the patient should have a balanced diet having enough calories and proteins to promote faster recovery.

    • Ask doctors when you can return to your work again.

    • In case of extreme sickness, consult the doctor



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