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Diffusion MRI Cost

What is diffusion MRI?

Used in the 1980s, diffusion MRI or dMRI is based on the concept of the micro-movements of water molecules. Diffusion MRI is an MRI method that helps to produce images of biological tissues when they are sensitised to the local effects of molecular diffusion generally water. The water molecules move in different ways in different areas of your body, like free in the cerebrospinal fluid or restricted in the macromolecules, fibres and cell membranes.

On the other hand, these molecules move in a specific direction referred to anisotropic diffusion in the nerve fibres and move in all spatial directions referred to as isotropic diffusion. Hence, based on the particular type of diffusion, you can know the restricted diffusion mri price in hyderabad.

What is diffusion-weighted imaging?

Diffusion weighted imaging in Hyderabad or DWI Helps to generate images based on the rate of water diffusion in a particular area. Hence the intensity of each element of the images is the estimate of the water diffusion in the area. Moreover, since Water mobility is dependent on the cellular environment, the findings behind diffusion weighted image could show pathologic change.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Diffusion-weighted imaging might be more sensitive to changes after a stroke. Hence these images can be useful to diagnose vascular Stokes in the brain. Other than this they are also used to stage non-small cell lung cancer.

What is diffusion tensor imaging?

Before diffusion tensor imaging, you should know all about the diffusion tensor imaging cost in hyderabad to assess your budget accordingly and choose the required hospital. Diffuser tensor imaging can be ideal for situations when the water molecules have anisotropic diffusion. This is because in this situation the water will diffuse rapidly in a specific direction aligned with the internal structure of the particular area. Hence, diffusion tensor imaging can be important in tissues like the neural axons of the white matter in the brain or muscle fibres of the heart.

Clinical applications of diffusion imaging

Diffusion MRI has widespread applications in neuroradiology specifically in inflammatory brain pathologies, infectious pathologies, and tumoral pathologies. Let’s have a glance at the different applications of diffusion imaging.

  • Infections. Infections like pyogenic Abscess or herpes encephalitis can be detected using diffusion imaging. The diffusion characteristics can help to identify these infections.

  • Intra cranial masses. Intra axial, extra-axial, haemorrhage and demyelinating lesions can be detected using diffusion imaging.

  • Head trauma. Diffused MRI can also help to assess closed head injury because the diffuse axonal injury (DAI) exhibits an increased ADC.

  • Cerebral ischemia. The most profound application of diffusion MRI is that it helps to evaluate ischemic brain injury. Other than this, diffusion imaging can also help to identify the areas of acute ischemic injury by a high signal on DWI and reduction in the ADC values.


  1. What is the difference between diffusion MRI and perfusion MRI?

    Diffusion MRI can help to detect any effects of severe hypo perfusion on cellular function. On the other hand, perfusion imaging can help to detect cerebral hypoperfusion. Due to this reason, it can analyse potentially reversible ischemia as well as irreversible cell damage.

  2. Is diffusion tensor imaging the same as MRI?

    Diffusion tensor imaging is an advanced technique for magnetic resonance imaging that can help to assess the anatomy of the complex neuronal network and nerve cells of the brain.

  3. What is the average Diffusion MRI cost in hyderabad?

    The average Diffusion MRI cost in hyderabad depends on different factors, like the particular hospital you choose, the type of facilities and equipment available there, and the proficiency of the doctors. However, on average, this cost can start anywhere from 12,000 rupees. Before the procedure, you can assess this cost and choose the particular hospital according to your preferences.

  4. Which is the best hospital to know about the diffusion tensor imaging cost in hyderabad?

    If you are looking for a good hospital to know all about diffusion MRI, then your search ends with the KIMS hospitals. Out of the comprehensive imaging suites available at this hospital, D MRI is one of the best. Moreover, the fast and efficient scan result here can help to give you peace of Mind. Moreover, with state-of-the-art equipment and emerging technology, the hospital has the latest digital picture archiving and information management systems. The consultants here have immense experience and extensive training in the specific areas of clinical services due to which they will provide you consistent and high-quality patient care under your budget. No wonder why you can know all about the restricted diffusion mri price in hyderabad from this hospital.

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