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Corpectomy Surgery Cost

What is corpectomy surgery?

The word corpectomy is formulated using two terms namely, ‘Corpus' meaning body and ‘ectomy’ meaning to remove. Hence the Cervical corpectomy surgery in Hyderabad aims at removing the damaged Vertebrae and the intervertebral discs that may compress your spinal nerves and the spinal cord. This procedure can help to relieve the pain that is caused by the stress on the spinal nerves and the spinal cord in the neck. Generally, the Anterior cervical corpectomy treatment in Hyderabad involves getting access to the cervical spine and spinal fusion may also be needed due to the amount of disc material and the vertebral bone that has to be removed.

What happens during the cervical corpectomy surgery in Hyderabad?

During the Anterior cervical corpectomy treatment in Hyderabad, your healthcare provider will aim at making a small vertical incision in the front of the neck to get access to the cervical spine. Then he aims at removing the damaged vertebra and the attached discs that are both below and above the damaged vertebra. This procedure is referred to as decompression, and it will help to release any pressure on your spinal nerves and the spinal cord.

Once the decompression procedure is performed, your healthcare provider will perform a spinal fusion. This is done to ensure that your spinal column is stable. Spinal fusion is performed by filling the space that is left by the vertebra and discs with the help of an implant. The implant could help to provide stability to your spine by filling the available space. One of the types of an implant is a strut graft, which may be a piece of bone of about one to two inches in length. It could be taken either from a bone bank or from the patient’s body. The strut graft will be inserted into place using titanium plates and screws. Eventually, it will fuse and grow together with the bone native to the area. The fusion and the decompression processes together will affect your Anterior corpectomy surgery price in Hyderabad.

When is anterior cervical corpectomy performed?

Various patients suffer degenerative diseases in their cervical spine that may result in herniated discs or even bone spurs. Such modifications may occupy the space that is instead required by the spinal cord and the nerves of the spinal cord. Due to this, they may result in stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal. Stenosis, in turn, can damage and compress your spinal cord and its nearby nerves. All the vertebrae that have been injured through trauma, deformity or tumours require a corpectomy surgery.

Before your Cervical corpectomy surgery in Hyderabad, your health care provider may even suggest certain nonoperative methods like physical therapy or different pain medications. But in case these methods are not effective then you may opt for surgery. Surgery may be considered when the patient’s pain is severe, the spinal cord is compressed, or the patient’s symptoms do not respond to the nonoperative measures.


  1. What will be the duration of my stay in the hospital after my anterior cervical corpectomy?

    The duration of Your stay in the hospital after the anterior cervical corpectomy depends on the particular type of technique used by your health care provider and your overall health. Generally, you may be required to stay overnight after the surgery and will be discharged on the next day. The duration of your stay in the hospital will determine your anterior Corpectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad. Once you are discharged, your incision would be covered with a surgical dressing and steri strips. You may be instructed to remove these after a week of your surgery.

  2. Is Corpectomy a serious procedure?

    Corpectomy is a serious procedure and it is more extensive than a discectomy. The risks related to this procedure are also statistically greater and are related to neurological issues, bleeding or bone grafting. Moreover, some of the complications of this surgery may even lead to complete or partial quadriplegia.

  3. What is the average Corpectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad?

    The average Anterior corpectomy surgery price in Hyderabad depends on different factors like the particular hospital you are admitted to, the qualifications of the doctors present at the hospital, the type of infrastructure and facilities used by the hospital, and the particular type of surgical procedure used for your surgery. However, generally, the average Corpectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad can range anywhere from ₹285,000 to ₹460,000.

  4. Why should I know about Cervical corpectomy surgery in Hyderabad from the KIMS Hospitals?

    If you want to know about the anterior cervical corpectomy treatment in Hyderabad, then you can look out for the KIMS Hospitals. This hospital has a list of the best anterior cervical corpectomy spine surgery doctors who aim at providing affordable and efficacious treatment to patients. Moreover, the surgeons here treat a wide array of orthopaedic conditions while providing you with the best pre and post-operative care to help you recover quickly from the surgery.

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