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Spinal Reconstruction Cost

Patients who suffer from chronic back pain, loss of strength or numbness in the back, or frequently experiencing pins or needles in any area of their back, may have to get spinal reconstruction surgery. Spinal reconstruction surgery is the last resort when therapies and medicines have failed. In worst cases, i.e. in severe cases of spine issues, complex reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad is performed. The cost of spinal reconstruction in Hyderabad varies. This is because there are different methods which are required by distinct patients. For instance, the scoliosis reconstruction surgery price differs from the expenses of the lumbar reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad.

Some of the conditions treated with simple or complex spinal reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad

  • Scoliosis: The spine is curved to the side instead of straight. The scoliosis reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad is done.

  • Stenosis: It causes the spinal canal to narrow down, hence another surgery to decompress the space is needed. In Hyderabad, Lumbar reconstruction surgery is used for decompression of stenosis.

  • Spondylolisthesis: It causes the dislocation or slipping of one vertebra over the other.

Procedure of Complex Spinal Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad

In the most serious cases, when neither therapy nor medicine nor any minimally invasive surgery gave expected outcomes, then complex spinal reconstruction surgery is carried out. It uses various spine prosthetics such as rods, metal screws, plates, hooks, etc.

The patient is laid on the back or chest (supine or prone) for surgery under general anesthesia. To access the spine, one or more small incisions are made on the marked area.

It is followed by spine decompression to maintain agility and flexibility of the spine while reducing the pressure from the spinal nerves. The spine decompression is done by two means two means

  • Laminectomy: To give respite to the compressed nerve, a section of bone is taken out from one of the vertebrae.

  • Discectomy: The damaged disc is removed.

Once the bones are taken out, the left bones in the spinal cord are aligned correctly. Devices such as pins, plates, screws and rods are used to fix or hold the newly aligned bones together in one place.

Depending on the case or damage to the spine, the spinal fusion may also take place to create more spinal stability. X-rays are done to ensure the alignment of the spine and the incision is then stitched and bandaged to avoid infection.

Cost of Surgical Spinal Reconstruction in Hyderabad

The cost of surgical spinal reconstruction in Hyderabad fluctuates depending on the extent of the damage to the spine. For example, spine fusion may cost around INR 3,50,000. Whereas, the average cost for lumbar spine surgery in Hyderabad is around INR 1,50,000.

The scoliosis reconstruction surgery price in Hyderabad may reach INR 25,00,000.

Risks of Spinal Reconstruction Surgery

Even after taking due precautions there are always a few possibilities to experience complications, some of them are:

  • Infection and slow healing of the wound

  • Pulmonary embolism

  • Spinal fusion failure

  • Deep vein thrombosis


  1. How long does it take to recover from the reconstructive spine surgery?

    The healing period depends on the type and extent of the spinal surgery as well as the general health of the patient. However, during the healing process, certain measures should be taken such as:

    • Wearing a supportive brace

    • Avoid lifting heavy objects, fast movements as well as driving

    • Taking prescribed medications for pain and infection are given

    • Physiotherapy

  2. What are the conditions treated using complex spinal reconstruction surgery?

    Generally, this surgery is used to treat the following conditions, such as:

    • Spinal stenosis or metastatic tumors

    • Degenerative disc disease

    • Spondylolisthesis (displaced disc)

    • Spine deformities such as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis

    • Fracture in the vertebrae

    • Spine trauma

  3. Is the price of scoliosis reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad expensive?

    Yes, it can be considered a 'not-so-pocket-friendly' option. However, many insurances can aid in covering the cost of scoliosis surgery.

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