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Since February 2012 to October 2015 we have performed 1342 cardiac surgical operations in children with heart disease. The range of operations included all varieties of Complex Cardiac Surgery in neonates and infants. Among them 522 infants were weighing below 5 kg and 270 neonates were weighing below 3 kg.

Apart from routine Cardiac Surgical Procedures like ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect, tetralogy of fallot, we had an opportunity to operate complex Congenital Heart Diseases which includes 98 cases of TAPVC(Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection), 77 cases of arterial switch operation for transposition of great arteries (TGA), 30 cases of combined repair of aortic arch and ventricular septal defect, 9 cases of ALCAPA, 7 cases of aorto-pulmonary window (AP Window), 9 cases of Fontan repair (final stage of single ventricle physiology), 8 cases of senning operation and 8 cases of double switch operation.

Our unique achievement is successful outcomes in arch repair operation in neonates with the Stanford technique of “innominate artery cannulation for cerebral flow”(30 cases). In this technique we are able to perform the repair of the aortic arch without stopping blood flow to the brain (circulatory arrest).

We have pioneered a new innovation in TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) repair of preserving the babies native pulmonary valve and avoiding cutting across the pulmonary artery annulus. By doing this we are able to prevent leaking of the pulmonary valve. This will preserve the right ventricle function in a better way in the long term. This approach of repair was aggressively pursued in 175 cases between March 2013 to Aug 2015. In the same spectrum (50 cases), if the Pulmonary Artery Annulus is cut across, we have also pioneered a technique of creating a new pulmonary valve using an imported material of biological scaffold called the cormatrix valve. This valve will prevent pulmonary valve leaking after surgery. The early outcomes of this group of patients has been encouraging.


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