Epilepsy Centre

Epilepsy Surgery Care at KIMS is carried out by an experienced group of Specialists who performed more than 650 epilepsy surgeries. The group consists of the Neurologist- Dr.S.Sita Jayalakshmi, Neurosurgeon- Dr.Manas Panigrahi, Radiologist – Dr. VSV Rammohan, Nuclear Medicine consultants - Dr.Pushpalatha Sudhakar, Dr.Praveen Kumar, Pahologist Dr.Sailaja M and Clinical Psychologist Dr.Shanmukhi.

Dr.Manas Panigrahi, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon has more than 15 years of experience in epilepsy surgery. He has performed more than 460 temporal lobe surgeries, 28 Hemispherectomies, 8 Vagal nerve stimulation therapy and more than 160 extra-temporal lobe surgeries and other epilepsy surgeries. The Neurosurgery Department has the state of art infrastructure to perform state of the art Epilepsy surgeries which includes mapping of brain areas, navigation, advances microscopes , ultrasonic aspirator and endoscopes to perform surgery. Invasive grid EEG monitorings and depth EEG recordings are regularly performed with utmost care and good results. He has many publications on Epilepsy Surgery in Indexed Journals.

Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi , Senior Consultant Neurologist has a special interest in the presurgical evaluation to localize the focus of seizure. KIMS has the state of the art facilities for the pre-surgical evaluation of patients with epilepsy and for surgery. The VEEG lab was equipped with three continuous long term VEEG monitoring units. She has received the ASEPA-ASNA EEG Certification and Certified as Outstanding student in the " Neuroimaging Course in Epilepsy" by the VIREPA, the site for distance education of the International League Against Epilepsy. Dr.Sita Has more than 80 publications in national and international journals, contributed chapters to textbooks in Neurosciences on Epilepsy and received best paper awards in international and national meetings. She is a Member of several national and international Epilepsy organizations including American Academy of Neurology, Indian Epilepsy Association, Indian Epilepsy Society, Dr VSV Rammohan Senior Neuroradiologist performs the specialized 3 Tesla MRI sequences like the epilepsy protocol, volumetry of the hippocampus, tractography and functional MRI for language and hand and leg function mapping before planning the surgery. He is also pursuing pot doctoral Programme in Epilepsy radiology. He has a special interest in imaging of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Focal Cortical Dysplasi.

Dr Pushpalatha Sudhakar and Dr.Praveen Kumar Singa, Consultants at the Nuclear Medicine Department have vast experience in imaging of ictal ictal SPECT and PET Scans done during the evaluation of patients for epilepsy surgery to highlight the abnormal area.

Dr.Sailaja M, Senior Consultant Pathologist has special training in the Evaluation of the Epilepsy Surgery pathology and actively involved in the research on pathology of temporal lobe epilepsy and focal cortical dysplasias.

Dr.Shanmukhi, Clinical Psychologist is actively involved in the evaluation of the IQ assessment, Cognitive aspects, Developmental Assessments, Psychiatric and Behavioral aspects of Epilepsy and counseling in adults and children both before and after surgery.

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