Liver Diseases Centre

At the KIMS Liver Clinic, specialists provide patients with comprehensive, coordinated care including the diagnosis and treatment of all liver diseases, as well as evaluation for liver transplantation and post-operative follow up.

Conditions such as viral hepatitis B or C, fatty liver disease, autoimmune liver disease and hemochromatosis can increase the risk for developing cirrhosis and liver cancer. Our goals are slowing, stopping and curing these conditions so that they do not progress to more serious medical illnesses. At the liver disease clinic, liver specialists work with patients to closely monitor and manage their condition.

The clinic is made up of a comprehensive team of specialists in hepatology, surgical oncology, medical oncology and interventional radiology to provide patients with the highest level of care. Cancers and benign tumors are accurately identified, staged and monitored by our advanced endoscopy unit and diagnostics team in Gastroenterology. The liver clinic helps patients fight primary malignancies and metastases in new and aggressive ways. Specialists routinely perform complex surgeries of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts alongside radiotherapy and administer advanced chemotherapies. We are equipped with sophisticated GI imaging and endoscopic capabilities and advanced pain management techniques.



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