Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery Centre

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences' highly experienced cardiologists in Hyderabad are using an innovative technique called minimally invasive coronary surgery (MICS) to perform multiple heart bypasses through a small incision. That means surgeons do not have to "crack open the chest" as they do with traditional open heart surgery, and patients recover in about half the time.

KIMS Hospitals' is one of only a handful of places in the country performing complete heart revascularization using this Minimally Invasive Coronary Surgery Technique. Our team of minimally invasive cardiac surgery doctors can perform up to triple and quadruple bypasses through a three- to four-inch incision between the ribs. Performing the surgery this way allows all the bones of the chest to remain intact. KIMS has in its roster leading cardiology specialists of India to help our heart patients heal.



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