Radiation Oncology

At KIMS Center for Radiation Oncology, we offer advanced technology for fighting cancer delivered by a team of cancer specialists. We use Intensity-Modulated and Image-Guided Radiation Treatment (IMRT/IGRT) to improve cancer control and minimize side effects, delivered by an experienced and well-rounded medical team treating all types of cancer.

Radiation oncology is an exact science that requires both sophisticated technology and highly skilled professionals to administer. By directing focused beams to the body, radiation therapy treats tumours, both malignant and benign, by killing the targeted cells. With the intention of achieving the highest probability of cure with the least side effects for our patients, we pride ourselves on delivering radiation therapy with speed and precision.

The image-guided radiation therapy delivers painless and precise doses to the tumour, minimising any radiation deposited on the surrounding healthy tissue for improved overall outcomes. At the same time, we also offer other proven radiation treatments, applied alone or in combination with chemotherapy or surgery.

The Radiation Oncology Department at KIMS Hospitals Secunderabad and Kondapur are considered the best in Hyderabad for using the most advanced technology to ensure high precision radiation therapy.



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