Critical and Intensive Care

The intensive or critical care units (ICUs) at KIMS are specialist hospital wards that provide intensive treatment and monitoring for people in a critically ill or unstable condition.

There are many different conditions and situations that can cause organ system failure such as a serious accident – a road accident or a severe head injury; a serious acute health condition – such as a heart attack (where the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked), or a stroke (where the blood supply to the brain is interrupted); a serious infection – such as a severe case of pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) or sepsis (blood poisoning) or major surgery – this can either be a planned admission to an ICU as part of your recovery after surgery or an emergency measure if there are complications during surgery.

Our critical care centre provide patients constant medical attention and support to keep their body functioning with the help of our high degree of medical expertise, constant access to highly trained nurses and specialised monitoring equipment. We undertake intensive care for nervous disorders, heart conditions as well neonatal and paediatric complications.

Our team of intensivists, anesthetists, surgical and medical specialists, physiotherapists, dieticians, radiographers and nursing practictioners.

Our team of

Expert Doctors



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