Urological Oncology

The KIMS Urologic Cancer Center specializes in the diagnosis, and treatment of urologic cancer including bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancer. If you or a loved one is facing this kind of diagnosis, a compassionate team of professionals at KIMS is here to offer you expertise, support and hope. KIMS brings leading-edge multidisciplinary and compassionate care to diagnosing and treating cancers of the genitourinary system. Specialists from surgery, medicine, radiation therapy, radiology, pathology, and nursing form a dedicated patient care team and deliver individualized care in a coordinated and caring manner. We strive to provide comprehensive patient care that includes the newest research and treatment options. Our team aims to communicate openly with you, your loved ones, and other health care providers. We know that a cancer diagnosis can be difficult and are committed to help you navigate this journey.

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