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At KIMS, our Andrology and Infertility specialists have years of experience in treating male fertility issues. They work with couples to provide them with the best options and treatments for their Infertility issues. For individuals or couples dealing with male fertility concerns, a full consultation can be beneficial to answer questions and to determine the most effective treatment approach. Consultations are approximately 45 minutes and include a complete review of the semen analysis as well as a review of genetic history, medical records, and health history. Our consultants may also recommend tests and procedures like semen analysis, processing of sperm for intrauterine insemination (IUI), practical prep of semen specimen, semen freeze as well as storage and thaw of donor sperm.

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What is andrology?

Generally, the common misconception about infertility is that it majorly affects women. However, recent studies and researches depict how male Infertility can even account for 40 to 50% of the entire infertility cases. Andrology, which is a medical speciality, encompasses all the conditions and diseases associated with the male reproductive system and the urological issues. The different specialists in andrology can help to treat conditions like penile issues, male fertility issues, genitourinary disorders and so on. Apart from this, other conditions which an andrologist can treat at the Best IVF Hospital in Kondapur, Gachibowli include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, prostatitis, varicocele, hydrocele, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, balanitis, testicular torsion and infertility.

However, people still confuse the two medical specialities: andrology and urology. Urology is a vital medical speciality which entails all the issues of the unitary tract, both in women as well as the male. On the other hand, andrology is a sub-speciality of urology because it particularly focuses on male reproductive issues like sexual dysfunction, impotence or male infertility.

Types of andrology services.

When it comes to managing male infertility issues, there is a spectrum of andrology services provided by the Best Andrology Hospital in Kondapur. Let’s glance at them.

1. DNA Fragmentation Assay

This is a type of test under which the team of expert doctors at the Top Andrology and Infertility Hospital in Kondapur aim at examining your semen sample to assess the amount of DNA damage done to the sperm. This is because the level of DNA damage done to the sperm is drastically higher in infertile men.

One method of performing a DNA fragmentation Assay is the Sperm chromatin dispersion test under which the healthcare providers can assess the sperm with fragmented DNA in terms of a percentage referred to as the DNA fragmentation index.

2. Sperm Hyaluronan Binding Assay

This is another type of sperm function test that helps to assess sperm quality, fertilisation potential and maturity. These tests can help doctors to assess patients who have poor prognosis for in-vitro fertilisation.

3. Semen analysis

This is the standard test which is performed as a major test to assess the fertility potential of males. It can help to provide significant information related to the potential of the male genital tract, emissions, sperm production and sperm motility. However, this test alone may not be sufficient to interpret the fertility status of the male. Hence, additional tests might be needed.

Other than these tests, the Best Andrology Hospital in Kondapur even performs other types of tests like sperm oxidative stress Assay, sperm survival test, sperm wash, freezability test, retrograde semen analysis, etc.

Andrology and infertility centre

The andrology and infertility centre at the KIMS Hospitals houses the best specialists who have years of experience in treating a wide area of male fertility issues. Touted as the Best Andrology Hospital in Kondapur, we provide 45 minutes consultations to our patients which include a complete review of the sperm analysis as well as a detailed insight into the medical records of the genetic history of the couples. Once the consultation is done, with years of experience and skills in the field, the doctors can help to fabricate customized treatment plans for the patients at affordable rates.


1. What is the freezability test?

Freezability test is a type of procedure performed at the Hospital for Infertility in Kondapur. This procedure entails freezing the sperms at cold temperatures using liquid nitrogen. The process helps to know if the sperm has survived after the freezing process and hence can indicate the quality of the frozen sperm.

2. What are the different ways that can help to increase fertility in males?

The different methods which can help to enhance fertility in males include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing sexually transmitted infections, managing stress, eating a healthy diet and focusing on your exercise regime.

3. What is the colour of healthy sperm?

Generally, healthy sperms are whitish-grey in colour. However, sometimes the semen colour might change temporarily. But in case it changes permanently then it could indicate an underline condition that requires further assessment.

4. Which is the Best Andrology Hospital in Kondapur?

With a team of expert andrologists, the KIMS Hospitals is inarguably the Top Andrology and Infertility Hospital in Kondapur. The doctors at this hospital provide impeccable 24-by-7 services due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and top-notch facilities. You can substantiate their credibility from the fact that they have helped a number of males through their customized plans for myriad fertility issues.



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