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Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences’ highly Advanced Cardiac Diagnosis Center offers a response to patient’s medical issues 24 hours a day, throughout the year. It is regarded as one of the top cardiac diagnostic services in Kondapur & Gachibowli, with skilled heart specialists in Kondapur & Gachibowli and the best cardiologists in Kondapur & Gachibowli.

The center is manned by doctors specializing in rendering telemedical services: Cardiac and Emergency Medicine diagnostic as well as counseling services.

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Cardiovascular or heart diseases include a spectrum of conditions that can affect your heart and blood vessels. The sooner you can detect these diseases, the easier it will be to treat them. Generally, you can manage cardiovascular diseases by making lifestyle changes and consulting the healthcare providers from the Best Hospital for Cardiac Diagnosis in Kondapur.

The person may either be symptomatic and physically experience the disease, or asymptomatic or not feel anything at all when having the cardiovascular disease. The different types of cardiovascular or heart diseases include-

1. Irregular heart rhythms.

2. Improper functioning of the heart valves.

3. Congenital heart defects or heart issues you are born with.

4. Narrowing of the blood vessels in the heart or any other organ of the body.

Symptoms of heart diseases

If you observe any symptoms due to the presence of heart disease then you should contact the Top Cardiac Hospital in Kondapur. The symptoms of the patients depend on the particular type of heart disease. The symptoms in case of heart disease in the blood vessels include shortness of breath, pain in your jaw or neck, weakness or coldness in the legs or arms because the blood vessels in these areas are narrowed or chest discomfort and pain.

Other than this, the symptoms of irregular heartbeat or heart arrhythmia include fluttering in the chest, racing heartbeat, slow heartbeat, shortness of breath or dizziness, and fainting. Moreover, serious congenital heart defects can easily be observed soon after birth, with the appearance of symptoms of blue skin or lips, swelling in the belly area or legs, and shortness of breath during feedings.

Also, it becomes crucial for you to seek emergency medical care in case you observe any severe symptoms of heart disease like shortness of breath, chest pain, and fainting. A team of proficient doctors from the Best Cardiac Emergency Hospital in Kondapur can help to diagnose the particular disease with the help of the symptoms and hence provide you with the required treatment.

Cardiac Diagnosis center

At the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, we have our Advanced Cardiac Diagnosis Center in Kondapur, Gachibowli that provides 24-by-7 services to address the medical issues of the patients. Manned by skilled specialists who render telemedical services, the patients can rest assured that we can cater to their cardiac and emergency medicine diagnostic as well as counseling services.

Regarded as one of the best Heart Care Hospitals in Kondapur, we have state-of-the-art architecture, top-notch facilities, and first-rate equipment that have helped us to become a reliable name in the industry. The wide array of services provided by us helps to make sure that we can diagnose your particular condition and fabricate a customized treatment plan for you. We aim at recognizing the particular cause behind your cardiovascular disease and hence focus on resolving it. Other than this, the preventative measures provided by our Advanced Cardiac Diagnosis Center in Kondapur, Gachibowli make sure that you are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases irrespective of the different risk factors.


1. What are the different risk factors for cardiovascular diseases?

Certain factors can intensify your risk of developing different cardiovascular diseases like the usage of tobacco including vape, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of physical activity, a diet high in sugar, fat, or sodium, overconsumption of alcohol, pre-eclampsia, chronic kidney disease, autoimmune conditions or gestational diabetes.

2. What are the different tests that can help to diagnose cardiovascular diseases?

Myriad types of tests can help to diagnose cardiovascular diseases. Other than this, your healthcare provider can even perform a physical exam and get an insight into your health and family health history to diagnose these diseases. Generally, the different tests performed to diagnose cardiovascular diseases include an echocardiogram, ambulatory monitoring, blood work, electrocardiogram ultrasound, MR or CT angiogram, stress tests, cardiac catheterization, or cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

3. Why is the KIMS Hospitals regarded as the Best Hospital for Cardiac Diagnosis in Kondapur?

With all round-the-clock services by renowned experts, the KIMS Hospitals helps to treat a spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, be it simple conditions or complex conditions with utmost care and accuracy. The patient-friendly approach of the doctors here entails including the patient and his or her family in each step of the procedure, and hence we are touted as the Best Hospital for Cardiac Diagnosis in Kondapur.

4. How can I prevent cardiovascular diseases?

Though you may not be able to prevent congenital heart diseases, certain lifestyle changes can help to reduce your cardiovascular risks. You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by managing your stress levels, managing other health conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, avoiding all tobacco products, eating a diet low in sodium and fat, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight.



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