KIMS Department of Cardiology has more than 10 world-renowned cardiologists, who have extensive expertise in every aspect of cardiac care ranging from angiography, echocardiography and heart transplantation to advanced clinical research for cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure and preventive cardiology. We offer the latest in cardiology techniques, drugs, and interventions – making us one of the best cardiac hospitals in Hyderabad.

The Department of Cardiology's mission is to offer patients the most complete and advanced cardiology services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart disease through teaching, research, and patient care. It is our mission to become one of the best heart hospitals not only in Hyderabad but also across the globe.

Our reputation of being the best heart surgery hospitals in Hyderabad is primarily due to the fact that we have the best heart specialists doctor in Kondapur & Gachibowli Hyderabad,  and our doctors are becoming leaders in the research, development of new treatments, as well as drug therapies that help improve the quality of life of patients. The members of KIMS faculty are authorities in the various subspecialties that comprise the field of cardiology, including non- invasive, invasive, diagnostic, and therapeutic means of responding to heart problems. With KIMS having the best cardiologists in Hyderabad, India as well as having excellent infrastructural facilities, we can rightfully retain the title of being the best cardiology hospital in Hyderabad.

Not just as a hospital, the Department of Cardiology at KIMS is also at the forefront of cardiac research. We have the best cardiac surgeons in kondapur & gachibowli who are internationally recognized for their contributions to cardiac care, research, and educationally-led cardiac services.

KIMS Hospital Secunderabad and Kondapur is a collaborative of India’s best breed of top-most cardiologists equipped with latest versions of advanced technology. Being one of the best cardiology hospitals in the Hyderbad also means we have the best ethical and transparent practices and treatment in Non-invasive cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Paediatric Cardiology. While other hospitals treat heart attacks, we go beyond that to connect patients to all forms of prevention and care to keep the heart healthy!

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What is cardiology?

Cardiology is a specialized field of medicine that aims at treating and studying the disorders of the heart and blood vessels. This branch of internal medicine is dealt in by a cardiologist who is different from a cardiac surgeon. A cardiac surgeon, on the other hand, performs heart surgery by opening the chest. However, a cardiologist aims at diagnosing and treating diseases related to the cardiovascular system. In this capacity, the cardiologist from the Best Heart Hospital in Kondapur will carry out myriad tests and procedures like angioplasty, heart catheterizations, and insertion of a pacemaker.

However, it is crucial that you know the difference between heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Heart diseases specifically relate to the diseases of the heart, whereas cardiovascular diseases encompass the diseases related to the heart as well as the blood vessels.

In simple words, cardiology includes the assessment of the medical history of the patient and the conducting of a physical examination.

Tests and procedures

The different types of tests and procedures performed by the Hospital For Cardiology in Kondapur are as follows-

1. Echocardiogram. An echocardiogram is a type of test that can provide you with an ultrasound picture showing the structure of the heart chambers and the surrounding areas. Hence, this test can help you know the functioning of your heart. Other than this, an echocardiogram can even help to measure how well your heart is pumping blood and detect inflammation around the heart, referred to as pericarditis.

2. Nuclear cardiology. Under this type of test, the team of proficient cardiologists from the Top Cardiology Hospital in Kondapur use radioactive materials to perform nuclear imagining techniques and detect different cardiovascular diseases and disorders in a non-invasive manner. Examples of nuclear cardiology encompass myocardial perfusion imaging, infraction imaging, Planar imaging, etc.

3. Electrocardiogram. This type of test helps to record the electrical activity of the heart.

4. Exercise test or a stress test. As the name suggests, this test can help measure the limitation and performance of your heart as it changes the rhythm while you are resting and exercising.

5. Cardiac catheterization. Catheter-based techniques can help to relieve a blockage in your heart vessels and hence treat coronary artery diseases, congenital cardiac diseases, or valvular diseases.

Department of cardiology

With the aim to provide patients with the most complete and advanced cardiology services, the Department of Cardiology at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences is the Top Cardiology Hospital in Kondapur. Our department is manned by more than 10 cardiologists who have extensive expertise in their field and are renowned globally for providing cardiac care. The team of proficient doctors provides a spectrum of cardiac care from echocardiography, heart transplantation, angiography to even advanced cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure and preventive cardiology.

Moreover, the members of our faculty are experts in all these sub-specialties including providing diagnostic as well as therapeutic treatments to address heart problems. Other factors that substantiate our reputation as the best Heart Surgery Hospital in Kondapur & Gachibowli entail state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-notch facilities, and advanced equipment. The latest advanced technology helps us to provide treatment in interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology, and electrophysiology with transparent and ethical practices. What’s even great is that we don’t just focus on treating heart attacks, but also include our patients in each step of the procedure to provide them the best prevention and care and hence maintain their heart’s health.


1. What are the different symptoms that indicate the presence of a heart condition?

Different signs and symptoms could indicate the presence of a heart problem. When you observe these symptoms, you should immediately contact the Top Cardiology Hospital in Kondapur. These symptoms include changes in your heart rhythm, chest pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, or dizziness.

2. What is an electrophysiology study (EPS)?

An electrophysiology study is a type of test under which a catheter is threaded into a vein at the top of the leg. The electrophysiology study can help to show any symptoms of your heart and if you require a pacemaker or not. Other than this, this test can even help to fabricate the best treatment for patients who have abnormal heart rhythms.

3. At what age should you see a cardiologist?

Generally, people younger than their mid-60s may not have any heart attacks. However, there have been cases in which people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s have had heart diseases. Moreover, some people may even have a history of heart disease in their families. In such cases, it becomes crucial for you to visit cardiologists at an early age.

4. What are the different subspecialties of cardiology?

The different specialties of cardiology include nuclear cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, and Echocardiography.



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