Counseling & Psychotherapy

The Department of Counseling& Psychotherapy at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is established to provide high quality treatment as well as responsive and efficient assessment and treatment services to all our patients. We provide comprehensive inpatient and psychological services for both adults and children. We offer treatment for various psychiatric problems including generalized anxiety, depression and other mood disorders and stress management issues, as well as more severe, disabling psychological disorders. The department has state-of-the-art treatment as well as Custom made and highly specific psychotherapeutic interventions of a variety of types.

We are here to provide:

  • Compassionate, ethical, and scientifically competent patient care
  • Outstanding educational programs for psychiatry residents and medical students
  • Advanced mental health knowledge, training, and services through innovative and comprehensive research

Most Counseling Psychotherapy departments across the country do not have a wholesome approach to treatments. We believe that overall physical health also comprises of good Mental and Emotional health. To this end, we work in tandem with all Departments, and the therapists to ensure your complete recovery. We strive to offer integrated, comprehensive psychological services with sensitivity to your individual needs and it is one of its kinds in India.



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