Heart Wellness Centre

The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Heart Wellness Center is a lifestyle modification program for people who have heart disease. The program provides individual exercise therapy and educational classes under medical supervision.

Our Centre’s multidisciplinary team of Caring Health Professionals is dedicated to improving your quality of life and is prepared to address your concerns about activity levels, diet, medications, and lifestyle changes, making us one of the best hear wellness clinics in Kondapur.

There are more than 40 patients per day at our centre, who take benefit of our:

  • Sleek, Modern Gym
  • Comprehensive Weekly Education Classes
  • Individually Tailored Exercise Program
  • Precise Electronic Monitoring of Your Progress
  • Psychological and Social Support
  • 12-Week Medically Supervised Programs
  • Continuous Maintenance Programs

To reach more people in the twin cities, we have recently opened a heart wellness centre in Kondapur with all the facilities available, including the best heart wellness specialist in Kondapur.

Our team of

Expert Doctors

The heart is a crucial organ for the human body which needs proper care. The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences(KIMS) acknowledges the importance of the heart which led us to develop a heart hospital in Kondapur and Gachibowli for the wellness of the heart. Along with the variety of treatments, we also teach and provide exercise therapy to different people for a healthy heart. It is worth mentioning that a top cardiology hospital in Kondapur would surely have a great heart wellness program to focus on individual needs. Below we shall discuss if KIMS can be considered as the best heart wellness hospital in Kondapur, Gachibowli.

KIMS: Heart Wellness Centre

Our objective is to improve the quality of life and help the patients to seek a balance in the stressful routine to live well. As the best heart wellness hospital in Kondapur, Gachibowli we address the problems and individual concerns about diets, exercises, medications and much more.

The wild lifestyle that sometimes exasperates an individual to participate in even small activities may also indicate an unhealthy body. As per past reports, India covers over fifty per cent of the world's heart disease burden. This left an indelible impression on us, hence we promised to serve the interest of our patient's heart health as the top cardiology hospital in Kondapur.

We decided to not only be called the best heart wellness Hospital in Kondapur, Gachibowli but to be well-renowned as a heart wellness centre all around the world.

We provide various services at our heart hospital in Kondapur such as:

1. Elegant, Modern Gym with multiple equipment

2. Exhaustive weekly schooling lessons for patients

3. Individually planned exercise program

4. Detailed electronic monitoring over the person's progress

5. Psychological, emotional and social Support

A long twelve-week medically supervised programs Continuous maintenance programs for consistent growth

Importance Of Heart Wellness

For people who neglect heart wellness, we would like to throw some light on why one should maintain a healthy heart. The reasons are as follows:

i. Cholesterol and Blood Pressure: As one ages, high cholesterol or blood pressure issues become prevalent. They are the magnet for the further development of other cardiovascular diseases. They can even lead to heart attack and stroke, which can be observed at any top cardiology hospital in Kondapur.

ii. Dealing with depression: Many people are not aware of the fact that cardiovascular disease also increases the probability of suffering from depression.

iii. Dementia: Many pieces of research have shown that the deteriorating health of the heart is closely associated with dementia. When one ignores the wellness of the heart, the blood vessels narrow down resulting in a limited amount of blood flow towards the brain. This ends up in the brain's inability to function properly and can cause dementia.

Our General Advice

As a heart hospital in Kondapur, we recommend some common measures for an individual to protect the heart and avoid the risk of life-threatening diseases. They are:

i. Healthy Diet: Balanced diet is an essential component for the path to an active and fit life. If one keeps eating unhealthy fatty foods then it can cause weight problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

ii. Regular Exercise and Yoga: Exercise and yoga not only help the body but also support the mental and spiritual needs of the self. Even the best heart wellness Hospital in Kondapur, Gachibowli cannot help a patient if they do not follow the exercises.

iii. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Everyone knows how harmful smoking and alcohol are to health. Additionally, they are one of the biggest contributors towards the development of cardiovascular disorders.

iv. Annual Heart Check-up: It is necessary to receive annual heart check-ups to keep oneself updated about heart health and also control any problem if diagnosed.


1. Can I avoid heart-related problems completely?

One can reduce or even eliminate heart problems which are caused by being consistent and active towards their lifestyle. However, there are some congenital and inherited heart problems which can be passed on.

2. What are the common heart problems?

Some of the most frequent heart problems we have observed are as follow:

1. Heart Attack

2. Heart Failure

3. Arrhythmia

4. Valve disease

5. Inherited and congenital heart conditions



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