Interventional Radiologists in Kondapur

profile photo ofDr. G. Ananta Ram

Dr. G. Ananta Ram

Senior Consultant Radiology & Neuro Interventional Radiologist

profile photo ofDr. C. Sridhar

Dr. C. Sridhar

Senior Consultant Interventional Radiologist

profile photo ofDr. Rupesh Mandava

Dr. Rupesh Mandava

Consultant Interventional Radiologist

profile photo ofDr. Srikar Inuganti

Dr. Srikar Inuganti

Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Expert Interventional Radiologists in Kondapur, Hyderabad

The interventional radiology center at KIMS Hospitals is meant to offer cancer patients minimally invasive choices for some treatments. Several interventional radiology methods can be utilized as an alternative to standard surgery. Other interventional radiology treatments can be utilized to control pain and problems, perform biopsies, and treat a variety of cancer related symptoms.

Interventional radiologists at KIMS Hospitals receive special training to diagnose and treat diseases with minimally invasive procedures. Interventional radiologists operations are designed to be less intrusive than standard surgical procedures, which can result in less discomfort, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery for patients. These treatments are frequently performed in an outpatient setting and patients can usually resume their normal activities shortly afterward.



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