Neurosurgery department at KIMS has been a renowned leader in its field, credited with round the clock services by esteemed, committed faculty treating patients not only from the state but also from the neighbouring states. It provides state of the art care and equipped with world-class infrastructure and performs more than 1200 neurosurgical procedures every year.

Neurosurgery Department provides a full range of neurosurgery speciality services, including treatment planning, surgery, supporting therapies, and rehabilitation.

Neurosurgery Department provides a full range of neurosurgery speciality services like brain tumour surgery, spinal cord surgery, traumatic neurosurgery including treatment planning, surgery, supporting therapies, and rehabilitation. City’s best neurosurgeons at KIMS Hospital Secunderabad are now also available at KIMS Kondapur, which is just in the radius of 5 km's from Kukatpally, Gachibowli, Hi-tech city and Manikonda. City's topmost neurosurgeons like Dr Manas Kumar Panigrahi are just a click away.

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Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences provides more than 1200 neurosurgical procedures to deal with a cluster of problems at our Kondapur's Neurosurgery Hospital. Along with the best neurosurgery hospitals in Kondapur, we offer incessant services with the help of our cooperative medical staff as well surgeons from not only Hyderabad but from other neighbouring states. Though there are numerous neuro hospitals in Kondapur, one always longs to visit only the top hospital for neuro in Kondapur. Later, we discussed KIMS as a neuro hospital, and resolved various queries under our FAQs.

KIMS: Top Hospital for Neuro in Kondapur

Typically, people believe that neurosurgery only refers to brain surgery. However, it is the branch of medicine which treats and diagnoses people who suffer from any kind of disease, disorder, or injury associated with the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves within the body. A patient and a guardian would observe various factors in Kondapur's neurosurgery hospital before getting the treatment. It may include the infrastructure, doctors, and cost. Our department of neurosurgery has a versatile range of specialities related to neurosurgery such as planning of treatment, surgery, therapies to support the surgery, and rehabilitation. Additionally, particular assistance for the surgery of brain tumours, spinal cord, and traumatic neurosurgery is also offered here at KIMS Kondapur's Neurosurgery Hospital.

Our neurosurgeons are equipped with operative and non-operative management for the patients. The non-operative management includes diagnosis, critical care, and evaluation. rehabilitation, and prevention. As one of the best neurosurgery hospitals in Kondapur, we have only certified professionals, who undergo extensive training.

Some of the common types of neurosurgeries are:

1. Craniotomy: This method removes a portion of the skull to reach the brain and carries out the procedure. The removed part is then positioned back. It is prevalent among patients with skull fractures, infections, brain tumours, and swelling within the brain.

2. Ventricular shunt: This alternative is carried out to relieve the pressure which gets built in the brain by inserting a shunt. Generally, the pressure is built due to one of the blood vessels not functioning properly which hinders the path free of the fluid.

3. Minimally invasive spine surgery: This technique works to help relieve the pressure on the spinal nerves or readjust and stabilise the spinal joints or vertebral bones. Patients with a bone spur. spinal tumour, herniated disc, and overall instability in the spine are recommended for this method.


1. What is the role of neurosurgeons?

It is a general conception that neurosurgeons only specialise in brain surgery. However, they are well-trained in neurology to assist patients who have pain in the back and neck, head injury and Parkinson's disease.

2. Which is the top hospital for neuro in Kondapur?

There are many neuro hospitals in Kondapur, however, one always wishes to get assistance from top hospitals. Among the few best neurosurgery hospitals in Kondapur, KIMS is also considered to be one of them, significantly due to the great contribution of our healthcare professionals, and empathic staff.

3. Is neurosurgery expensive?

The price of neurosurgery can be considered expensive, since the initial cost may range between INR 2,00,000 to INR 8,00,000. The price may fluctuate depending on the procedure, type of hospital, infrastructure, recovery period and much more.

4. Is neurosurgery risky?

Surgery associated with neurology is indeed complicated. However, as per the data, the success rate ranges between 50 to 70% in cases of malignant tumours even when the chances are low. The success rate increases when the damage is not due to a tumour.



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