Pediatric Emergency

Children come to the KIMS paediatric emergency department with a wide variety of complaints, spanning minor lacerations to critical needs for resuscitation. Because we have a sizable staff, vast resources and state-of-the-art technology, many parents bring their children from adjoining cities and towns, as well as the local community. This is especially the case for specific subspecialty cases that many other area hospitals do not address, such as: hematological problems, sickle cell disease, oncologic issues, and neurosurgical difficulties.

The real highlight of the Pediatric Emergency Department at KIMS is our incredible team of physicians and experts, who possess comfort and familiarity with dealing with children, and are trained in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. It's important to recognize that children are not just small adults, as they differ in their disease processes, anatomically, physiologically, and most importantly, psychologically. They also react to pain quite differently from adults, and having a team who understands these differences is crucial to proper care, especially in a stressful situation, such as a visit to the emergency department.

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