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The Department of Neurology consists of a team of highly competent neurologists available round the clock, equipped with state-of-the art technology and equipment providing world class patient care with a human touch. The Department of Neurology is centre of excellence with and is a tertiary care referral centre with patients not only coming from all over the state but rest of India.

The Department actively pursues clinical care and research activities in the following sub-specialities:

Stroke and Cerebro Vascular Services

Providing thrombolytic therapy (for strokes less than 4.5 hrs), Endovascular procedures, intra-arterial as well as mechanical thrombolytic therapy with 24X7 Stroke service available.

Neuro Critical Care unit

Well equipped Neurointensive care Unit to take care of all neurological emergencies including acute strokes, Status epilepticus, neuroinfections and acute neuromuscular emergencies. It is managed by highly professional team.

Epilepsy Care services

Providing facilities with state of art equipment including four Video EEG machines, 3Tesla MRI, ictal SPECT, FDG PET for evaluation of people with difficult to treat epilepsy. The Epilepsy Surgery Care team at KIMS is one of the few centres in the country running a very active programme and has performed more than 500 epilepsy surgeries to its credit with favorable outcomes.

Movement Disorder Services

The Experienced team of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons provide advanced care for medical management of parkinson’s disease, tremor, PD plus syndromes, dystonia and has the expertise in Pallidotomy and Deep Brain stimulation for advanced Parkinsons disease and related disorders.

Botulinum toxin clinic: The Botulinum Toxin Injections are used for the treatment of a wide variety of movement disorders like hemifacial spasm, writer’s cramp, Torticolis; post stroke spasticity, Cerebral palsy.

Neuro-Muscular Disorders

State of art Neurophysiology lab is available for evaluation of Muscle and Nerve disorders including various types of myopathies, AIDP, CIDP & other Neuropathies, Motor Neuron Disease and Myashthenia gravis. All types of immunomodulation, Plasma pheresis, IVIG therapies are available.

Multiple Sclerosis

KIMS has the state of art technology and expertise for evaluation and treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis providing the various latest therapies for patients with MS.

Sleep Services

Provides evaluation and treatment for people with lack of sleep, excessive sleep, non restful and disturbed sleep, excessive snoring/OSA and other sleep related problems. Sleep study lab is available.


Headache might simple to many times difficult to treat and many times harbinger serious neurological problem. all types of headaches are evaluated and treated.


Forgetfulness and behavioural problems, Alzheimer’s disease, fronto-temporal dementia etc treated regularly.

State-of-Art Equipment and Technology at Neurology Department :

Electrophysiology lab: State of art electrophysiology lab with well qualified technologist is at KIMS. We offer comprehensive neuro-electrophysiology work up and tests at affordable rates. We perform:

  • VEEG lab: Short routine EEG, Short VEEG and Longterm EEG for evaluation of epilepsy and sleep lab. We have 4 state of art VEEG machines.
  • Nerve condution tests: Neurophysiological testing of sensory and motor nerve functions of limbs as well as other nerves.
  • EMG: electomyography surface and needle EMG facility available. This test is needed for diagnosis of nerve and muscle diseases.
  • VEP: visual evoked potential – for electrophysiological testing of anterior visual pathyway specially optic nerve.
  • BEAR: Brainstem evoked response audiometry – for testing of ear and brainstem function.
  • SSEP: Somatosensory evoked potential – electrophysiological testing of sensory pathyway.
  • Intraoprative Electrocorticography, cortical stimulation.
  • TCD: Trans Cranial Doppler, this non invasive test is useful for finding out arterial status and blood flow of cerebral arteries.
  • Tremor analysis test: Electrophysiological testing of nature of tremor and its frequency
  • Autonomic function tests: Patients having diabetic and other autonomic neuropathy this battery of tests done by electrophysiology machine are useful for finding out imbalance of autonomic function system
  • RNS: repetitive nerve stimulation test- useful for diagnoisis of muscle weakness in patients having Myasthenia Gravis
  • Single fiber EMG: useful for patients having myasthenia gravis


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