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Your path to discovering your most fabulous self is through KinFitter. It is challenging to lead a holistically healthy life given the rigorous job requirements and rapidly evolving global environment, which leads to irregular work schedules, inadequate sleep, unhealthy and fast food, stress, and a lack of physical activity. All this leads to increased diseases linked to obesity and weight gain, including gout and even breast and stomach cancers. It has also led to increased diseases like migraine, sleep apnea, stroke, cerebrovascular accidents, PCOD, etc.

Because obesity is a multi-faceted disease that cannot be treated with diet or exercise alone, KIMS Kingsway Hospitals has developed the KinFitter program. KinFitter was created with the help of a lifestyle physician, a bariatric surgeon, a dietician, a physiotherapist/physical trainer, and a psychologist while considering your daily routine.

It is a program that you may subscribe to on a monthly basis to help you not only reach your weight goals but also bring out the best in you in a holistic, scientific method. Additionally, this plan has three tiers so that you may customize it to meet your needs.

Why KinFitter?

It is a monthly consultancy-based subscription where you are assessed by our weight loss specialist to address diseases associated with obesity, a dietician provides you with a diet plan for a month, an expert physiotherapist creates a workout schedule for a month, and an expert psychologist aids in helping you adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Every aspect of the KinFitter program is carefully monitored each week, with customization offered based on advancement and challenges, and online and offline help provided.

It is a more active daily follow-up program where our committed staff supports your daily adherence to the recommended health program with live video counseling from a physical trainer.

Why excercise is good for you? 

Exercise maintains the body in shape and delays the onset of illnesses. To stay healthy, you must engage in regular exercise or physiotherapy activities for weight loss. When performed often and at the right intervals, it can promote weight loss and invigorate your body's physical shape. Physiotherapy is another effective strategy for treating obesity in both children and adults since it helps improve flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health, and avoid accidents, and discomfort that can result from rapid weight increase. Additionally, it might help you regain flexibility and keep your balance and bodily functions. Physiotherapy may be beneficial in losing weight, battling extra weight, and staying on track with your fitness objectives when combined with a rigorous diet and exercise routine.

Physiotherapy also aids in maintaining your physical fitness by avoiding the issues associated with excessive weight gain. Additionally, unbalanced weight strains the bones and joints, limiting their operating ability. This might worsen your health and lead to other issues.

The following are some of the symptoms that physiotherapy can treat:
• Limited adaptability
• Unbalanced levels of endurance
• Feeling heavy or having trouble breathing
• Fatigue
• Loss of power
• Body aches brought on by increased weight pressure

Why it is so tough to change one's eating habits?

No one denies that individuals are responsible for their daily decisions about what and how much to eat, even though environmental and genetic variables play a part. Our capacity for conscious control over our decisions is constrained by stress, anxiety, and addiction. We mistakenly think we have more control over our behavior than we actually do, which prevents us from achieving our goals with conventional diet and exercise. With the support of behavior modification therapy, we will concentrate on your lifestyle and eating habits in this program, which will help improve your regular eating and living patterns.

It's time to reveal and celebrate a healthy self!

Check your body mass index (BMI), and if it exceeds the recommended levels, strike! The location is for you. Are you sure that losing weight is difficult enough? Yes, maybe because you quickly put all the weight back on when you stop eating well. Maybe it's because you're on a fad diet! It frequently makes big weight loss claims without supporting scientific data and offers risky food guidance that might result in malnutrition. It's time to lose those excess pounds the healthy way! In our KinFitter program, we ensure that you lose weight in the most scientific way possible by requiring that you adhere to the best-personalized diet that has been created specifically for you and is scientific, suitable for your body, practical or easy to follow, and most importantly sustainable to achieve long-term goals.

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