Spine Surgery Centre

Best Spine Hospital in Nagpur

The spine specialists at KIMS-Kingsway treat spine diseases with a broad range of medications and surgeries in an effort to get the best possible outcome.

Our spine surgeons, or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists specializing in non-surgical procedures, collaborate closely with our spine surgeons. They work together with the Pain Management Center's doctors to provide thorough non-operative and operative care alternatives as well as an accurate diagnosis. We at KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals are confident that we employ the best spine surgeon in Nagpur.

The KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals Department of Spine Surgery's spine surgeons use their combined experience, knowledge, and creativity to provide the best surgical techniques for treating complex spinal problems. They offer the entire range of adult cervical, thoracic, and lumbar procedures for managing spinal trauma and deformities, such as scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, as well as degenerative, inflammatory, and neoplastic disorders of the spine. They are experts in traditional and cutting-edge methods, aiming to maximize benefits with the least amount of surgery. At KIMS-Kingsway, in addition to spine surgeons, we have spinal cord specialists who are proficient in the assessment and management of spinal cord injuries (SCI). The Spinal Cord Specialist in Nagpur is skilled in managing SCI problems and providing rehabilitative care. Among the most skilled in the country in managing severe and catastrophic spinal cord injuries is our spinal cord specialist.

The KIMS-Kingsway Department of Spine Surgery's physiatrists work hard to provide the best non-operative (conservative) spine care possible. In addition to providing medicine and using minimally invasive injections to relieve pain and restore function, their treatment approach centers on teaching their patients about their diagnosis, the advantages of exercise therapy, and its role in their recovery.

The KIMS-Kingsway chiropractors combine the science and technology of modern medicine with the art of hands-on therapy to provide physical rehabilitation. Spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation, and lifestyle and dietary advice are a few possible treatments. Our chiropractors choose to practice conservative care, meaning they don't conduct surgery or write prescriptions. Instead, they collaborate closely with other members of the KIMS Department of Spine Surgery to offer a comprehensive range of patient care alternatives. To deliver the greatest care and treatment, the spine surgery surgeons at KIMS-Kingsway collaborate with their team of nurses and personnel.

The goal of the KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals Spine Surgery Department is to give you the best surgical and medical care possible for the health of your spine.



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