Division of Anesthesiology WORKS with a mission to succeed in all parts of Anesthesia, Pain Management, and Critical Care.

Anesthesiology is the act of medication devoted to alleviating agony and the care of the surgical patient (previously, during, and after medical procedure).

As the pre-operative doctor, an Anesthesiologist gives medical consideration to patients throughout their vocation. That includes assessing the patient before the medical procedure (pre-operative), talking with the surgeons, giving torment control and checking life capabilities during the medical process (intra-operative), administering care after a medical procedure (post-operative), and medically discharging the patient from the recovery unit.

KIMS Hospital has an elite anesthesiology division, and the necessary clinical action of the doctors is at KIMS Hospital. The hospital directs over 15,000 anesthetics every year. We convey anesthetics services in practically every one of the clinical areas, including long-term and mobile working rooms, work and birth, the Surgical Intensive Care and Cardiothoracic Intensive Care units, KIMS pre-admission testing center, the pre-operative aggravation services and in various procedural regions including interventional radiology, diagnostic imaging, and GI suite.

Our clinical activities encompass specialty areas including:

· Cardiac (including assist devices)

· Neuro

· Pediatrics

· Bariatric

· Plastic Surgery

· Orthopedics (including Joint Replacement and Spine)

· Labor Analgesia

· Transplant Surgery

· Perioperative Pain management

· Trauma and Intensive Care

Our team of

Expert Doctors



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