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Your child's pediatrician is your child's primary health care provider. As such, he or she is there to monitor your child's overall health, treat most of the illnesses and injuries your child may encounter, and is often the "front door" when specialty medical care is needed. General paediatrics encompasses wide variety of common childhood problems. We offer excellent care to children with simple medical problems and support other specialist teams in providing a family centred "whole child" care for children with complex medical problems.

Children attending our service have direct access to wide range of clinical staff with specialist expertise and dedicated paediatric nurses with a strong multidisciplinary support including dieticians, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy services and paediatric pharmacists.

The most common reasons children need to see their pediatrician include :

  • Health management (in the form of well-baby visits and childhood check-ups)
  • School/sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illness
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and management of certain chronic illnesses
  • Obtain referrals for specialty medical care

The Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Program offers care, support and assessment to children and adolescents who may have been abused. The program is made up of a team of health-care professionals (paediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers) who work closely with children and their families. The program provides a link between the child and community doctors, community hospitals, police, child ngos, schools and community agencies.

The Paediatric Consultation Clinic (PCC) provides consultations for patients from Hyderabad and throughout the country with complex paediatric problems. Referrals are accepted from paediatricians who require a second opinion or assessment/management by an interdisciplinary team. The team consists of several paediatricians and nurses. A dietician, social worker and psychologist are also available. Several special interest clinics are part of the PCC, including a Neurofibromatosis Clinic, the Infant and Toddler Growth and Feeding Program (for children under three years with failure to thrive) and a Complex Care Clinic which provides a link with the Paediatric In-patient Unit for patients with complex medical problems.

At the paediatric in-patient unit approximately half of all in-patients have common paediatric conditions, such as asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, sickle cell disease, urinary tract infections, seizures and gastroenteritis. The patients either reside in the downtown region or have been transferred due to the acuity or complexity of their diseases. The remaining in-patients have complex, multisystem, undifferentiated or undiagnosed conditions requiring multidisciplinary care (e.g., children with genetic, developmental and neurological conditions; children undergoing diagnostic investigations to establish diagnoses such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.).

Imagine caring for a child who has eight different medical problems; is treated by eight distinct sub-specialists, requires home care, has school issues and falls sick continuously. For parents and caregivers of children with medically complex conditions, this is life. These children are a diverse group with diagnostic conditions that are individually rare but collectively relatively common. Children with complex health needs are a vulnerable and growing group of children who have multiple health needs, requiring multiple services from multiple sectors in multiple locations. Care coordination for this population of children is challenging and if not optimized can lead to poor child- and family-centred health outcomes. KIMS' program does not focus on one particular disease but the consequences of multiple diseases to improve the lives of the children and families with medically complex conditions.

KIMS paediatric dermatology program treats multiple diseases like specialized morphea clinic, epidermolysis bullosa clinic, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma clinic and a vascular tumor clinic (VAST).

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