Primary Angioplasty

The first line of treatment to address heart attack is primary angioplasty which is done on an immediate basis to prevent loss of life of the patient. The heart is should be ridden of blockages immediately and primary angioplasty procedure does this precisely. Primary angioplasty is not planned well in advance; it is done as a precursor to preventing the heart from deteriorating though the mode of treatment is on the lines or coronary angioplasty. Survival after a heart attack is very crucial; every minute after a heart-attack is precious. Primary angioplasty must be done as quickly as possible to unblock the arteries to decrease the mortality rate of the patients. AT KIMS, we perform the procedure in less than half an hour and strive to ensure zero mortality rates.

Why, When and How is Primary Angioplasty Performed ?

Blood clots form in the arteries due to various reasons such as smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, or any stress. These blood clots block the flow of blood that is oxygenated normally supplied to the heart and the heart muscles are disturbed or damaged. This particular condition is medical parlance is termed as myocardial infarction or in simple terms Heart attack. If the artery is blocked for a longer period of time, the heart gets damaged faster and it has to be dealt with immediately, Primary angioplasty pitches in to solve this.

A tube usually made of latex or any material suitable to be inserted inside the body called a catheter is guided through the aorta from a small incision made in the groin or wrist portions of the body to reach the blocked artery. The inserted catheter has a small balloon-like material on its tip which is inflatable. The inflatable balloon is also prefixed with a metal duct called a stent. The inflated balloon places the stent near the blocked artery the stent expands after few seconds, after which the balloon is deflated and eventually brought out. The stent being it place holds the artery from getting blocked, and the normal blood supply is restored to the heart muscles preventing further blocks or damage to the heart.

Once the process is done, ECG and other parameters will be monitored thoroughly along with mild antibiotics, after which suitable medications will be prescribed along with the requisite follow-up visits timetable. Our aim is to rehabilitate your cardiac condition from danger zone to safest zone. A patient may experience a feeling of injury in the chest, which may ease gradually over a period of time.

Home care :

Proper care must be given to the patient, to avoid any further complications. Diet and exercise regimen as suggested by the doctor must be followed. Any increase in discomfort must be brought to the notice of the doctor. The lifting of weights and heavy work should be avoided for a period of six months.

Why choose KIMS for Primary Angioplasty ?

India boasts of booming health care sector with hospitals trying to give their best. Why choose KIMS only? KIMS is just not a hospital, we care givers with human healing touch, and we blend the best of our doctors, allied staff and dynamic technologies with immediate attention to save precious lives. As time is the crucial factor, we have special core emergency team to attend on the dot to save your loved ones. Our doctor-patient ratio is 1:1, and be rest assured we have had almost complete success rates in this procedure. We are just a call away; our facilities from the ambulance to discharge ensure that immediate attention is given. KIMS alienates risks associated with primary angioplasty, usually rare, and the recovery time is pretty much faster. The recovery after Primary angioplasty or heart attack angioplasty is usually 2 to 3 weeks. We work 24/7 to attend to cases at any point of time.



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