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Our all-inclusive specialty Bone and Joint Center features a comprehensive team of physicians committed to providing you with the most advanced treatment and therapy for everything from fractures to total joint replacement. We are here to provide outstanding orthopedic services with both care and compassion. We use the latest technology and medical procedures in your treatment. We treat people of all ages to correct problems caused by accidents, injuries, disabilities or degenerative diseases such as arthritis. Our physicians provide a complete range of orthopedic services including the treatment of fractures, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, treatment of hand and foot disorders, total joint replacements and treatment of back and hip disorders. Staffed by highly-skilled, board-certified orthopedic surgeons, the Center for Bone and Joint Surgery at KIMS provides complete orthopedic care, offering the latest advancements in surgical and non-surgical treatment options tailored to your unique problem and circumstances.

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With impeccable orthopaedic services in a wide array of fields, the bone and joint centre at the KIMS Hospitals is the Top Bone hospital in hyderabad. The team of proficient physicians here provide a complete range of orthopaedic services like treatment of hand and foot disorders, fractures, sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, back and hip disorders and so on. Moreover, this Best hospital for bone and joint in hyderabad aims at providing you with the most advanced treatment with state-of-the-art, architecture and top-notch equipment so that you can heal quickly from your surgery.

Now let’s have a glance at the different types of surgeries provided by the bone and Joint Centre of the KIMS Hospitals.

1. Bone and joint care surgeries.

The team of highly skilled and dedicated orthopaedic surgeons at the KIMS Hospitals specialise in a plethora of treatments related to bone and joint care. They can treat various diseases, injuries and deformities related to the musculoskeletal system. Some of the types of surgeries covered by this Best Joint care hospital in Hyderabad are mentioned below.

2. Total knee replacement.

Knee pain and diseases like arthritis can be treated using myriad methods like medications, exercises, weight loss methods or physical therapy. However, in the case all the non-operative methods do not prove to be helpful, then your healthcare provider will have to opt for surgery. Total knee replacement surgery can help you in these circumstances by replacing the knee joint with an artificial prosthetic joint. The surgery could either be performed in the form of open surgery or as a minimally invasive surgery by the adept team of doctors of the KIMS Hospitals.

3. Elbow replacement

Elbow replacement surgery is performed if your elbow joint is severely damaged and cannot function properly. In this case, your healthcare provider will replace this joint with an artificial joint referred to as a prosthetic. Generally, the causes of damage to the elbow joint could include badly broken bone in the upper or lower arm with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Total hip replacement.

As the name suggests, a total hip replacement surgery is required to correct a damaged hip when other non-operative measures haven’t proved to be effective. Under this surgery, your healthcare provider will aim at replacing the ball and socket in the hip joint with artificial replacements and the cartilage with artificial joint material. Once the surgery is completed, physiotherapy can help to ensure rapid recovery.

5. Limb lengthening surgery.

As the name itself suggests, Limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques are used to lengthen or straighten a deformed bone or even replace the missing bone. This surgery can help to provide you with appropriate posture and improve your quality of life.

6. Bone fracture surgery.

Under bone fracture surgery, your healthcare provider will aim at fixing a broken bone using metal screws, plates or pins. The surgery is also referred to as open reduction on internal fixation surgery. Generally, it will be the last resort for the patient when the broken bone does not heal properly using a casting.

Other than the above-mentioned procedures, the KIMS Hospitals also provide other procedures, namely sports medicines or polytrauma treatment.


1. Which is the Best bone and joint centre hospital in hyderabad?

Out of the myriad hospitals that provide bone and Joint care, the KIMS Hospitals has to be on the top of the list. This hospital provides cutting-edge diagnostics and operated facilities using the latest MRI machines that deliver premium image quality and digital clarity. Apart from this, KIMS also houses premium operating rooms with computerized navigation and imaging. Also, the physical therapy unit here provides rehabilitation to the patients to ensure a quick recovery. No wonder why KIMS is the Best bone and joint centre hospital in hyderabad.

2. What is polytrauma treatment?

Polytrauma refers to brain injuries that are caused due to explosive blasts like bombs. Some of the major symptoms of polytrauma could include hearing loss, vision loss, head injuries or nerve damage, along with multiple bone fractures. Other injuries can even include spinal cord damage or damage to the limbs.

Hence, under all these situations, the bone and joint Centre at the KIMS Hospitals can provide you with an ideal, customized treatment so that you can recover from unexpected situations.

3. What is the type of technology used by the KIMS Hospitals to provide bone and joint care services to its patients?

The KIMS Hospitals uses technologies like general radiology, bone densitometry, magnetic resonance imaging, and computerised axial tomography to provide top-notch care to its patients. Moreover, if you didn’t already know, India’s first fully automated joint replacement surgery robot is now at the KIMS Hospitals .

4. What is the average cost of joint replacement surgery?

The average cost of joint replacement surgery can start anywhere from 80,000 rupees. However, this cost differs from hospital to hospital based on the type of infrastructure and facilities provided by the hospital and the breadth of the surgical program. You can get a realistic idea of the cost from the Best bone and joint centre hospital in hyderabad.



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