Cardiovascular Robotic Centre

From advanced heart imaging technology to Minimally Invasive Treatments and robotic heart bypass surgery, the KIMS Cardiovascular Robotic Centre can provide the full scope of care for any type of heart condition in adults and children. With robotic surgery specialists in Hyderabad who are known for their expertise in complex heart conditions, KIMS treats patients often turned away by other institutions. We are committed to educating patients about treatment options so they can make the most informed health care decisions.

Our cardiovascular robotic specialists in India use the most technologically advanced surgical robotic system in the world, making KIMS one of the premier cardiovascular robotic treatment centers. This system allows us to perform complex operations through incisions that are much smaller and less traumatic than those used with traditional surgical approaches. There is evidence to suggest that, compared to patients undergoing standard open-chest cardiac operations, this Minimally-Invasive Approach may translate into less pain, better wound cosmesis, fewer wound complications, shorter hospital stays, and shorter recovery time.

Your search for the best heart care hospital in Hyderabad ends with KIMS Hospitals. The Cardiovascular Robotic Centre at this hospital provides a spectrum of services for any type of heart condition in children as well as adults. The team of adept doctors at this hospital aim at providing top-notch care to the patients, using advanced techniques that result in less pain, fewer scars, less discomfort, and quicker recovery. Be it complex robotic heart bypass surgery or minimally invasive treatments, we make sure to educate our patients about the treatments so that they can make informed decisions accordingly.

Being a pioneer in research and development the cardiovascular robotics specialists at the KIMS Hospitals use the technologically advanced Surgical Robotic system. With the help of this system, doctors can make smaller and less traumatic incisions that can be healed quickly as compared to traditional surgical approaches.

What is robotically assisted heart surgery?

Also referred to as closed-chest heart surgery, robotically assisted heart surgery is a type of minimally invasive heart surgery. Under this surgery, your healthcare provider will use a specially designed computer console that can help to control the different surgical instruments which are placed on thin robotic arms. The major aim of this surgery is to help surgeons perform complex heart surgeries with precise motion control and smaller incisions to improve the outcomes.

Being the Top Cardiovascular Robotic Hospital in Hyderabad, the KIMS Hospitals provides a wide array of robotically assisted heart surgeries. Let’s have a look at these surgeries.

1. Mitral valve repair.

When your mitral valve stops functioning properly, then you can investigate the robotically assisted mitral valve repair surgery. This is the type of minimally invasive heart surgery that is performed on the mitral valve with an endoscopic, closed chest approach.

2. Septal myectomy

Septal myectomy is an open-heart surgery that aims at treating a thickened heart muscle. Under this type of surgery, your surgeon can remove a portion of your thickened heart tissue to enhance blood circulation to the heart.

3. Tricuspid valve repair.

Robotically assisted tricuspid valve repair surgery is another type of minimally invasive heart surgery that is performed on the tricuspid valve with an endoscopic closed chest approach. This surgery can be an ideal option for patients who require both tricuspid valve and mitral valve repair.

So these are the different types of robotically assisted cardiac surgeries provided by the Best Hospital for Robotic Surgery in Hyderabad.


1. Can cardiac tumours be removed at the Cardiovascular robotic centre of the KIMS Hospitals?

Yes, the Cardiovascular robotic centre at KIMS can remove cardiac tumours. As the name itself suggests, under heart tumour removal surgeries, your healthcare provider performs complex medical procedures to remove and treat the tumours located in your heart. The type of surgery required will depend on the type of tumour you have and its severity. There are different types of tumours in your heart, like the primary heart tumours which include papillary fibroelastomas or myxomas. Other than this, cancerous tumours like sarcomas are quite rare and generally, they may not be treated with surgery.

2. What is Patent Foramen Ovale repair?

Robotically assisted Patent Foramen Ovale is a minimally invasive type of surgery that helps to treat the foramen ovale. Foramen ovale is a hole located in the atrial septum of the babies when they are in the womb. Generally, this hole can close at birth due to the increased blood pressure on the left side of the heart. However, in case it does not close, then it is referred to as the patent foramen ovale.

3. What is atrial septic defect repair?

Atrial septal defect repair Is another type of cardiovascular robotic surgery that is performed by the top Cardiovascular hospital in hyderabad. As the name suggests, an atrial septal defect refers to a hole in the septum or the wall located between your left and right atria. A large hole could result in the flowing of oxygen-rich blood from the left atrium to the right atrium. This hole could be treated using robotically assisted atrial septal defect repair surgery. This surgery has myriad benefits over the traditional methods like smaller incisions with minimal scarring, shorter hospital stay, less bleeding, decreased risk of infection, decreased use of pain medications and shorter recovery.

4. Why is KIMS Hospitals the top cardiovascular robotic hospital in Hyderabad?

The cardiovascular robotic specialists at the KIMS Hospitals have extensive experience in the field due to which they provide first-rate services to their patients. Moreover, they make sure to include the patients in each step of the procedure so that they can make informed decisions. No wonder why this hospital is the Best Hospital for Robotic Surgery in hyderabad.



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